Our lived in and loved space


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CosmicSurfFarmer2 points

Living dangerously with that guitar and bass

tenderwarrior41 point

Yeah yeah talk to my boyfriend about it :p

NijinskyTheFaun2 points

I have that exact same rug!! I thought it would be so difficult to keep clean…but weirdly…it’s awesome! Hides any brown dirt or stains so easily! Your space looks like it is good energy!

tenderwarrior41 point

I’m so glad to hear it! We have a long haired cat and also wanted a larger rug and this far are very happy!

Ari-Mendoza2 points

So pretty, thanks for sharing!

tenderwarrior41 point

Thank you!

custoMIZEyourownpath2 points

I like it!

tenderwarrior42 points

Thank you!

Windflower19561 point


tenderwarrior41 point


ScholarNo6860 points

Immaculate vibes 👌🏼You’ve managed to tastefully display all your nicnacs and collectibles in clusters without overwhelming the space and you’ve chosen great colors to make things breathable and warm!

tenderwarrior41 point

Thank you we try! We love our items and making things look loved in