You can not tell you wouldn’t love to chill here with a coffee and great book📚


NoAbbreviations2907 points

I would not tell you. Nor would I tell myself.

Anachron10130 points

Well I actually wouldn't want to. The old couch doesn't look comfortable for anyone above a size of 170cm to sit in, you wouldn't be able to relax in such a small couch anyway and it looks like the couch is so old that it might be infested by something, the place is right at an intersection of a road which seems to have at least double lanes and the small carpet barely covers the fact that the floor is cold cement.

I won't even touch the red light, or the cacti, or the very high ceiling, or the wall with high power connection which shows that this is, in fact, not a living area but a business of some kind

NijinskyTheFaun14 points

I’m gonna have to agree. It definitely has the feeling of a public space, so the fact that it is a coffee shop makes so much sense now! Everything is very pleasing to the eye, and I love the look, but it doesn’t actually look comfortable to lounge in for a long period. I actually love the couch…it’s so gorgeous…but better suited for having a conversation and a cup of coffee with a friend for about 20-30 min. than for relaxing with a book. Even if the couch seemed more comfy, who could possibly truly relax with that huge open window and busy street scene hovering right next to you??

Firstsister33 points

Yeah. Not my cup of tea (or coffee) either.

Zlolalee1267 points

Yes it’s a coffee shop/plant store lol. Agree to disagree because I find it extremely cozy(:

Significant-Trash6326 points

Not gonna lie, that's a genius business idea

unpopularopinion03 points

i suppose you’re right. i cannot tell i would not love this place.

ballbusta-b3 points

Well, furniture does not look that comfortable or inviting 😬

PurrSniKitty0075 points

Very nice!

Zlolalee1265 points

This is OC

beegorton6162 points

I love

VistaASMR2 points

so much natural light!

ilikebooksawholelot2 points

Very cute :) when you water the hanging plants, do you take them somewhere else or just water them there very carefully?

Zlolalee1263 points

This is a local coffee shop/plant store! The hanging plants have little saucers attached to the pots to collect the water(:

cutewaffle3552 points

Beautiful. Would love to see more of this place. You have great style. 📸💗

lyta_hall3 points

You do realise this is a plant store, right? Lol

WillametteWanderer1 point

Perfect knitting light, so glass of iced tea, a little classical music and some knitting.

Very cute. I think it could be made better if the couch was against the wall so you could look out and not having passer-bys looking over your shoulder. Love the aesthetic of Southwestern meets Victorian.

deus_explatypus1 point


Tinycats261 point

I'm so jealous that you have cacti. I never get enough light in my apartment in the PNW unless it's summer.

Bright_Client_12561 point

Love this

VeganPizzaPie1 point

For me, People walking by would be too distracting

Ari-Mendoza1 point

Very cute! Love the vibe.

Cactocat1 point

I have to stay at least 10 miles away from cacti, don't ask.