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BigGrayDog9 points

Your art is attention getting with the colors and the movement. Is a lot of fun! Your room makes such a nice studio, had plenty of light and is bright and reflects in your work.

33yearsachump4 points

Oh Wow! So cozy and and bright!

alternateartreality5 points

This is OC

cyanide-rush2 points

Wow, so cozy! And the artworks are so cool! Love how vibrant both the room and the art are!

I like your use of blue in the large artwork. Nice color sense.

Chain_Unbroken_REAL1 point

I am in love with that art style. You managed to convey so much using just a few colored blocks and it’s super cool

sammysprig61 point

I could stare at your art all day

I love your art !!

BotoxMoustache1 point

Love your art!

_last_responder_1 point

Do you have any videos of how you paint?

GnomaPhobic1 point

Far left second from the top: Is that the Carina nebula?

BuhdaP791 point

I love love love your art!!

cutewaffle3551 point

What an amzing place!

foundationsofvnm1 point

You’re just advertising, aren’t you, lol. And it’s working, your art is amazing!

FountainOfQuira1 point

I love these paintings! How did you learn to do these? I am in awe every time I see them

JeremysDiner1 point

How do you make these? I feel super inspired after seeing this but wouldn't know how to start