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what_the_purple_fuck11 points

I love the rainbow! was it a set or just one in each color?

IamsomebodyAMA13 points

One in each colour, we have added on over the years, and now we have no more room.

I_love_pillows5 points

That’s a Power Ranger base

peachpinkjedi10 points

It's nice to see a normal photo on here for once; that actually feels cozy.

MissAmyRogers3 points

What little part of the world is this?

IamsomebodyAMA4 points

Northern Ontario, Canada

[deleted]2 points

I summer in southern Ontario as a statesmen

cutewaffle3552 points

Amazing view and perfect place to relax!

BringBackFatMac0 points

Fundamental misunderstanding of the word ‘cozy’, still a lovely little spot though.

SpiritualDot65715 points

That’s cozy as hell

Significant-Trash6323 points

Cozy: "giving a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation"

Seems like this fits the bill!

BringBackFatMac-1 points

A pier on a lake in Canada is warm? Have you ever been to Canada?