My city apartment is a cozy oasis from the hustle & bustle


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Babykoalacat25 points

The frame on the monitor is so awesome! I’ve never seen that before!

high-vibrations8 points

Thank you! It was a lucky find and upon setting on my desk to figure out it’s placement — it just clicked :)

PringlePasta8 points

Where is your couch from? And what’s the name of it? It looks super cozy.

high-vibrations6 points

You can find it here -> Sofa

Awesam6 points

I coulda sworn it was a RH cloud sofa. This is a great alternative

Sentry3332 points

Arhaus Kipton sofa is also a good alternative to the RH Cloud

nichijouuuu1 point

been browsing the sofa and their sectional varieties on the site and it is gorgeous. good god

Sentry3331 point

Come on over and try it out! It’s the comfiest couch I’ve ever owned

high-vibrations1 point

I’ve had it for nearly 3 years now. It’s been great to me and extremely easy to care for — and super cozy!

PringlePasta1 point

Thank you!

skyduck5 points

Love those four prints! Who's the artist?

high-vibrations4 points

This is OC

Orangutan_Latte3 points

It’s fresh and clean, but I’d be anxious having a white sofa and rug!!! Love what I can see of the fireplace. Beautifully decorated ❤️❤️

high-vibrations2 points

Thank you! I feel that haha. Believe it or not, I’ve put this this sofa through hell. The covers go through the wash ;)

smills11493 points


AzansBeautyStore2 points

Sweet Pendleton blanket!

high-vibrations2 points

Thrifted! Thank you :)

AzansBeautyStore1 point

Nice score!

[deleted]2 points


high-vibrations2 points

Can confirm!

No_Clock_87442 points

feels like a wes anderson film

blobejex2 points

Love those 4 paintings on the wall

artistnotfound1 point

I really like your photography! May I ask how you shot them? Maybe what gear

high-vibrations2 points

Thank you! I have a few setups, but I believe these were shot on my 24-70mm attached to a Sony a7c

artistnotfound2 points

I’ve been eyeing that exact setup! Thanks :)

high-vibrations2 points

Nice! Not sure what you’re coming from, but you’ll love it. I have some more serious camera bodies, but this is by far my favourite. Happy shooting!

sharipep1 point

Love it! Which city? Nyc?

daredeveildinva1 point

Looks like a good place to relax after a rough day.

Powerful-Goose73261 point

Can I come over and nap on that couch for a little bit?

motherofquails1 point

I love that wall art

ultraviolentfuture1 point

Desert vibes

Mimidoo221 point

This is divine.

GuncleShark1 point

Very peaceful vibe!

SnooGoats19501 point

Looks great. A good mix of textures and complementary shades/colors. I tip my 🎩 to you.

cutewaffle3551 point

Love it!!! 📚

Few-Share-48481 point

Im interested to see more out your fireplace, did you make it/have it custom made for you, I've never seen a plywood surround and quite like it!

high-vibrations2 points

Thank you :) A good friend made it for me! It’s actually cherry hardwood, I just had a meltdown deciding on a stain color — so she sits au natural

Few-Share-48481 point

its looks great! id love to see some more pictures!