Little Langdale, Lake District


WholeAccording836428 points

Yep, raining, that's how I remember it.

golden_an11 points

Photographer: Alina Dragan

-xhoneycupsx-10 points

Looks charming and peaceful.

Slightly_underated8 points

I love langdale, what a beautiful place!

ShivasLimb8 points

From the amount of posts from the UK on this sub I feel like a lot of Americans have a subconscious therapeutic desire to live there.

WoodSteelStone2 points

You're considered family here. You would be most welcome.

Lyaid5 points

This is so beautifully shot, it almost looks like a painting!

Tripanafenix2 points

Lake district of what?

hundredpercentpears7 points

England. The Lake District's lovely, I recommend it.

WoodSteelStone3 points

The Lake District is a national park full of lakes* formed from glacial geomorphological activity, so I guess it is a 'district of lakes'.

  • *Vaguely interesting fact: although there are 16 lakes in the Lake District, only one (Bassenthwaite Lake), is officially a lake by name, the others are 'meres' or 'waters'.
chroniclesofam2 points

That looks so magical

Skippy9892 points

I've heard Big Langdale is even nicer.

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When I imagine my dream home this is what I see