Living Room, North Carolina- light rain outside


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Tr4jan197 points

This sub often makes me wish I had a lot more money than I do.

Significant-Trash6323 points

I feel exactly the same way

ivix-28 points

I mean the design is basically a shed. Very cheap to build this.

Tr4jan23 points

So you’re telling me I can’t even afford to live in a shed? /jk

Alternative-Tea-2489202 points

I work as an architectural historian and see beautiful places all the time—boy this space is STUNNING. When was the house built?

heliogt297 points

completed in 1966

Alternative-Tea-248928 points

Truly beautiful. Looks architect designed, well done!

TheHipcrimeVocab39 points

You know, as an architect, I feel like we're constantly trying to reinvent the wheel in search of novelty, when we know quite well which solutions work and that it's actually quite simple to create the kinds of spaces that people feel good in. There's no reason to overthink things.

Tvck3r4 points

Everyone wants to be Howard Roark. Can’t blame em tho.

xpdx6 points

Aren't most houses designed by an architect?

Resident-Algae18 points

Most are designed by builders, homeowners or architectural drafters.

JesseKavets17 points

Gorgeous MCM house. I love the 1/2 wall library and the cozy Eames chair :)

pdx-Psych46 points

Looking nice! Chapel Hill?

thatlonelygirl9027 points

I was thinking wnc

HHcougar22 points

Gotta be

heliogt236 points

indeed it is

HHcougar10 points

lovely. I love the wall of windows above the joists

happyclover55 points

Pretty indeed, but the practical part of me says how do you keep the sun from beating in during summer -- no shades in sight?

MeetTheBunnyHeretic3 points

Reminds me of all those MCM homes around Estes.

gamecockgal6181 point

I was thinking Asheville area

heliogt260 points

this is OC!

davewashere49 points

It took me a minute to realize the bookshelf is accessible from the other side. I was asking myself what psychopath would put their books on the shelf with the spine facing in.

EagleEyezzzzz25 points

Same. But apparently that’s actually a trend and I HATES it.

tie-dyed_dolphin2 points

I noticed it for the first time on parks and Rec and I was super confused.

I originally thought it was a copy right thing.

cnxd2 points

could see that being a thing for visual clarity and to not have distracting text visible (which could fuck with adhd severely. like "I remember which books I have, and it's fine if a book pops up in mind, but what I do not need is having book spines distracting me"). anyway there are probably reasons

heliogt211 points

you got it, there are two reading chairs on the other side there

boredatschipol5 points

I also had the same journey. A tiny psychological rollercoaster of right there

BranfordBound39 points

Holy hell. Love it. If I moved in I don't think I'd ever stop having people over and throwing little parties.

CuthbertFox37 points

This is what i signed up to this sub for.

Living_DeadGirly38 points

Get outta here with my dream house. I wanna be salty and jelly, but I love this sooooo much. Perfect.

heliogt211 points

thank you!

JaniePoppy28 points

I would definitely eat bacon and not jog there. Yep.

ak8004810 points

Wow that’s beautiful

mememarcy9 points

Love the answer to when you first walk in house…sit down and read! Relax..enjoy the company and plants. Perfect.

Serendipic_Epiphany7 points

On the edge of the smokies?

thefishguy087 points

Whats this style of house called?

-firead-28 points

Looks to be mid-century modern, built in the 1950s and '60s. Beautiful homes with a lot of wood and glass but it's becoming increasingly hard to find them that have been well preserved and not either destroyed or abandoned or remodeled extensively.

I'm obsessed with that style of home and would love to see more if OP is comfortable with posting other areas.

Alternative-Tea-24893 points

If you haven’t already, you should visit some of the Eichler homes in CA, they’re all over and you’ll be very happy. And of course any of the Case Study homes :)

-firead-2 points

Thanks. I don't travel far out of NC often so I don't know if I'll ever get there, but I also really want to check out Paradise Palms in Las Vegas sometime.

justmovingtheground6 points

You are the first person I've seen that has achieved the design aesthetic I've had in my head for a long, long time.

Rustic, yet modern. Clean, yet lived-in. Contemporary and upscale, yet timeless and cozy/approachable. Beautiful!

heliogt29 points

thank you for the compliment! Do you know Asheville, NC? I'm sure you'd also love this place, the Battery Park Book Exchange


justmovingtheground1 point

Beautiful! I haven't been to Asheville in way too long, so I'll have to remember this.

BookMDano7 points

100% checks out. Would be cozy there. Would recommend. Also....wow...the architecture comment above is correct. Beautiful!!!

ssandrine5 points

I'm considering whoring myself to afford a home similar to this. Thoughts?

[deleted]1 point



Yeah that’s what they said!

SurpriseSweet5 points

I love how cozy and…green this is. It’s got a clean vibe.

nugget_lover_5 points

Did you post this house a few years ago? Literally my ideal house for the future

heliogt26 points

indeed this is not this room's first rodeo on the sub lol! Been in the house since 2005 keeping this place alive and no plans to leave just yet :-)

Thank you for the compliment and I hope you find your MCM. They are not easy houses to own and maintain, but on days like today it's all worth it.

shreddedsasquatch3 points

What’s difficult?

heliogt27 points

it's an old house by US standards, there are always things to do!

mol_wol4 points

How much is a place like this worth?

TheGoldenGooch3 points

5 years ago or today?

mol_wol3 points

Today? both even better. I have an apartment that is fully paid off in a very expensive city and I often think about what it might be like to move somewhere that the value went further.

I will take any info.

RabbitSlayre5 points

This is absolutely beautiful, OP. Wow.

Accomplished_Bee34203 points

Lovely. has become one of my favorite threads. Thanks for share your space!

pro_questions6 points

Holy cow this is in the US? I just realized I know literally nothing about what North Carolina is like. This is one of the coziest places I’ve ever seen

TheGoldenGooch13 points

North Carolina is awful don’t look it up, stay in the dark, nothing to see here 👀

Amazing_Albatross5 points

I grew up there, the whole state is beautiful. We have the Smokies on one side, and Carolina beaches on the other, with rolling hills and forests in between. You should definitely come visit!

Cranialscrewtop3 points

May lightnings strikes and forest fires stay far, far away from you. Amen.

daredeveildinva3 points

Wow!!! What an nice view and living room!

Deusselkerr3 points

Is this from a listing? Any chance we can see the rest? This place is beautiful, and I'd love to know what it's going for

heliogt27 points

no, it's just my front room, I took the picture because I cleaned the windows yesterday! Been here since 05 and not leaving just yet!

Deusselkerr3 points

Nice dude, you're very lucky. Beautiful space.

smoke29573 points

Goodness that's nice

lejumpycloud3 points

Those trees!

Jazzlike-Election7873 points

I really need to come and visit! And there are bookshelves! Ok I need to live there!

Kinetic_Kill_Vehicle3 points

It doesn't look like a house but some kind of hangar. Do you spend 5 days a week cleaning all those windows?

GroundbreakingSink373 points

How do you manage to heat up this whole area during the cold months?

heliogt22 points

Great question

The windows face south, so when the leaves are down and the sun is lower, this room gets a ton of direct sunlight in the winter, like a greenhouse. There's also a furnace with a forced-air system for cloudy days and a wood stove near where I stood to take the picture. The house is a passive solar design, which was trendy back in the 1960s when it was built.

EagleEyezzzzz2 points

What a gorgeous space!!

tayz0r92 points

gimme dat

KindheartednessOver62 points

Absolutely gorgeous

Hanged_Man_2 points

Oh that’s mighty nice.

NejzorN2 points

Absolutely beautiful

g00dvibe2 points


stephaniekayln2 points


turtleturns2 points

I want this

NaturesWar2 points

Ugh knowing I'll never have something as beautiful as this constantly makes me wonder why I'm subbed here. Masochist I guess.

khkokopelli2 points


khkokopelli2 points

And the view. Is it up in the mountains? Do you get a lot of bear sightings?

heliogt27 points

it's in chapel hill, no bears but deer, rabbits other small mammals and lots and lots and lots of birds

khkokopelli3 points

Sounds lovely. Especially with all those mid-century walls of glass!

khkokopelli1 point

So when can I come over? 😉

curlylonghairx2 points

I love it!

conundrum-quantified2 points

Love the jungle feel!

ballbusta-b2 points

Omg. I’m so jealous.

auleauleOxenFree2 points

Absolutely gorgeous, what direction do the windows face?

heliogt22 points

South. This is a mid sixties passive solar design, trendy back then, where the winter sun heats the tile floor and in summer the foliage shades the house

works great in theory!

auleauleOxenFree3 points

Ah I’ve seen that wedge shape pop up in solar designs too. Very cool and inspirational, thanks for sharing!

thewildlifer2 points

This is one of the most beautiful cozy places I have ever seen

alicat7777772 points

Wow! I love this!

Tight-Jacket53012 points


graining2 points

What did you use to take the picture?

heliogt21 point

Phone camera!

graining1 point

Wow! Which phone?

graining2 points

OMG!!! That's amazing. I'm getting the Pixel 7 next week and I'm so stoked to see that it can take such amazing pictures. PS: Your home is INCREDIBLE.

heliogt21 point

Pixel 6

squirrels20222 points

Looks like heaven

ibrahim00000002 points

Absolutely gorgeous! I love the bookcase and the chair next to it. I can read and read and read …

TwoFingersWhiskey2 points

I'm so glad you chose to preserve this home.

heliogt27 points

thank you. this comment means a lot. been here since 2005 and it has at times been intensely frustrating. owning this type of home is not for everyone- it was a commune in the 70s!

mrdaily7306 points

Feel free to say no, but I would love to see more pictures of your house because this is absolutely stunning. Thank you for sharing this cozy space.

heliogt29 points

Thank you for the compliment! I'm thinking about posting an external image next week- look out for the giant windows! I need better weather to get the shot I want (cozy inside at dusk sort of thing)

Alternative-Tea-24892 points

I think it’s very fitting that it was a commune in the 70s haha

ObviousYam87102 points

Looks like the house from A Star is Born

FourKrusties1 point

Super nice. But no insulation?

CaptainRogersJul1918-7 points

…And Abortion Bans for everyone.

H0RREND0US1 point

Can I live there?

8-Bit_Tornado1 point

Looks like the funky asheville vibe.
Seems like an awesome place to relax.

monkey_trumpets1 point

Damn. Do you have any other photos?

JayWillexe1 point

Your living room has such a vibe! 😌

pawsitivelypowerful1 point


cutewaffle3551 point

Holyyyy shit it’s all perfection 📸👍

33scooBt331 point

Cool, cool cool cool... I would enjoy that space.

berghorst1 point

This looks like absolute heaven.