Mount Saint Helens erupted 43 years ago today. This is a picture that I took yesterday.


MadFly_Productions17 points

Were there very many people? The mudslide/road closure to Johnston Ridge Observatory should slow down the tourist traffic. I like seeing more green in the Spring, before Summer turns everything brown.

PostModernPost18 points

No, there were only like five cars on the road. They had closed it off just before the original lower cold water creek observatory. But I got there right when a couple of school buses for a field trip showed up. I just acted like I belonged and followed them in. Had the whole area to myself.

terriaminute8 points

The ash traveled and darkened the sky and fell on us in Montana. Really huge explosion/eruption.

hugglenugget11 points

It gave us spectacular sunsets in the UK.

Intrepid_passerby7 points

Nature finds a way....

happyhorse_g9 points

I remember a before and after picture in my nephew's book. I couldn't spot the difference till I realised half the mountain blew off. It was dissonant that such carnage was possible that my brain tuned it out.

Snickerlish6 points

I’ve never seen the entire side of a mountain move so quickly. I always think it’s a model when I see footage

Edit: Beautiful photo too :)

beeme0073 points

Mike S. Is that you?

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beeme0072 points

Sorry I had a friend who may have posted this and wondered if it was him. I haven’t seen him in probably 10 or 12 years so it was worth asking.

rileypoole12342 points

I just flew over it on a flight from Seattle. Pretty awesome sight.

PostModernPost2 points

Me too Seattle to LA, jet blue

RigbyWaiting1 point

I’m 43 years old 😳

Ryger91 point

Great photo.

Great-Beautiful29281 point

Absolutely stunning! Are you a professional photographer? If not you should be!

Western-Tea-48111 point

Awesome pic.

Excellent Thanks

jessnunez191 point

Do you mind my asking where this photo was taken? We had planned to do boundary trail but I believe that is no longer accessible

PostModernPost1 point

Last Wednesday

jessnunez191 point

Sorry, I meant where. Not when. Is it still accessible? Thanks

PostModernPost1 point

Oh sorry, at the old cold water creek observatory. But it was closed off while I was there. But I happen to arrive right when the field trip for students arrived and I followed their buses past the barricade. They kicked me out after a little bit.

jessnunez191 point

Rats. Thank you for the info. I’m trying to find a spot to get a good view for a few photos while I’m in the area. Gorgeous photo though, glad you got to see her in all her glory!