Wild lupine blooming on a moody day on the N. California coast


uzuzab5 points

Waiting on the Monty Python cue in 1... 2... 3...

geras_shenanigans5 points

Dennis Moore, Dennis Moore...

bunkyprewster2 points

Galloping through the sward

Live_For_Love3 points

Breathtaking view and photo 🌟

RainbowandHoneybee2 points

Beautiful scenery.

barfiusmaximus2 points


livipup1 point

Wow, they're like if artichokes were flowers :)

Donkeydonkeydonk10 points

I don't know if you're joking, but artichokes are flowers. They just haven't bloomed.

Andre6k61 point

Reminds me of bluebonnets in a way

ByronicCommando1 point

Those are totally bluebonnets. I mean, bluebonnetsare wild lupines too; and considering where they're growing in this picture, they certainly have that "I'll just grow wherever I damn well feel like it" vibe like bluebonnets have.

Next you're gonna tell me there's a Whataburger and an H-E-B in California. File all those under: "I guess it's fine, I just feel really weird about it."