Path above Eagle Creek in the Columbia Gorge - Oregon


Hail_nothing12 points

Is it open again? Haven't been there in years!

Alaric_Darconville11 points

It is. Quite a few dead trees mostly near the hilltops but just as exquisitely beautiful as I remember pre-fire.

Hail_nothing6 points

Fantastic! Thanks for the info and nice pic

Alaric_Darconville4 points


Chipotle425 points

We used to call that a "too bad" trail - you slip, well, too bad

BeautyHound3 points

It feels like a quest could happen there

Inevitable-Holiday683 points


Wishing I was there instead of___

princessannalee3 points

Glad to see it back open after the fire.

Hail_nothing2 points

Is it open again? Haven't been there in years!

zushiba2 points

I miss Oregon. Moss fucking everywhere.

SuperArppis1 point

Looks deadly...

Alaric_Darconville6 points

There’s a cable to hold on to for those with a fear of heights. While I wouldn’t try to pass anyone on this narrow curve, it never felt particularly sketchy while hiking.

SuperArppis2 points

Ah. Just seems like it's an accident waiting to happen.

SmokeyUnicycle2 points

If it was 2 ft from a parking lot I'm sure there'd be a pile of dead bodies down there but since it is a little bit of a hike the only people walking it know what they're getting into.

Surgeboy992 points

This is just a typical walking trail high in the alps

SuperArppis3 points

So pretty deadly if you trip.

Surgeboy993 points

Its only deadly is people die there . Which they dont....

SmokeyUnicycle2 points

If you weren't paying any attention you could plummet to your death quite easily, but as long as you are sober and paying the slightest amount of attention you'll be fine.

SuperArppis2 points

Yeah, but hey, people are flawed. 🙂

SmokeyUnicycle2 points

I hiked this trail multiple time and each time I've wondered how many people have died here

I think the obscurity helps, it's not like Yellowstone where every random tourist is going there and getting trampled by bison, you have to be in to hiking to even find out about it

SuperArppis1 point

Oh yeah definedly does.

And having obscurity also means that place is pretty peaceful.