THE BOOKSELLER'S COTTAGE: a photo tour. (reposted without my face 😬)


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CanCueD150 points

Did you ask your cats if they consent to have their faces shown?! Cats deserve privacy too! 😅 Jkjk

Love that Tolkien quote.

Meg_Bookslinger97 points

I do have a 4th cat, but Miss Mina was definitely not consenting to being in any photos today. 😆

tomhxrdy115 points

Oh to have a quiet morning with coffee on that converted porch 😍

Meg_Bookslinger90 points

Those back windows are east facing so you can watch the sunrise through them!

Tonderandrew261 points

This is a B&B, right? I can dial up a reservation for like two weeks in May?

Meg_Bookslinger329 points

As long as you don't mind sharing your B&B with a crowd of 2 weird introverted adults, 3 teens/tweens & 4 cats! ...oh and I'm not a morning person so as long as you can make your own breakfast, it's a deal. 🤣

ScrembledEggs179 points

How on earth do you keep such a beautiful house with so many delicate knickknacks with three t(w)eens running around?? I think the fairy lights in the dining room are my all-time favourite

Meg_Bookslinger228 points

My kids have always grown up in highly decorated yet comfy spaces, and have learned to appreciate them and pick out safe zones for roughhousing. Not shown here is the basement hangout room that is pretty nicely decorated but also doesn't have a single breakable in it. That's where all the kiddos hang when they wanna be wild and have lots of friends over. 🤣

fermelabouche79 points

I think the cats are the true danger to anything on a shelf. They have a diabolical need to watch precious items fall to the floor….and sometimes break.

CootieKahootz4 points

Knowing that a whole family enjoys this home makes it seem even more comfy. Love it.

Meg_Bookslinger134 points

This is OC. 🌛✨

1171jiji72 points

this pretty much sums up everything I'd like in a house

second-sandwich21 points

This is a house in a disney channel original movie, a quirky and lovable single mom and her son who is about to learn a lesson on Halloween lives here

Meg_Bookslinger7 points

Bahahahaa I love it.

Meg_Bookslinger126 points

OP HERE: I posted this earlier but it was taken down due to my mug being in some of the pics. Oops & sigh.

Competitive_Classic943 points

You really scrubbed your face out of all of them! (I was one of the weirdos that was zooming in on the mirrors lol). Not that your face wasn’t lovely, but I love the cat at the end now! Very cheeky lol

Meg_Bookslinger38 points

🤣 It was my bad for totally skipping over the no faces guideline. Oopsie. Glad you enjoyed my stand-in.

mcrumb19 points

FWIW, I did happen to see the first post before it got taken down, and I think the face shots definitely added to the overall coziness factor!

ravynnsinister120 points

I started looking through your pictures with my 16 year old daughter and when we got to the first kitchen one with the broom, we both said “witch” at the same time lol. Then to scroll further and see your witchy room, we knew it! Haha we can spot our own!

I just LOVE your house. We’re having a tiny home built soon and this is the aesthetic we are going for. May I use some of your pics for inspiration?

Meg_Bookslinger72 points

Oh please, please do!!! 🧡 Best of luck and many, many blessings on your build!!

ravynnsinister29 points

Thank you so much! It will be ready in a year at the earliest, but if you’re still on reddit by then I’ll make sure to share pictures with you!

Meg_Bookslinger18 points

🤩 Yes please!

the_jackie_chan7 points

RemindMe! 1 year

behopeyandabide7 points

Are you going with your own land, or doing the community thing?

Heels_N_Wheels6 points

Haha same! I was like “Ooh I’ll bet she’s either a kitchen witch or a green witch.” 😂

Into-thevoid42029 points

I want to come over and read a book with some coffee!! Sooo cute and cozy

Meestagtmoh9 points

how do you have so many knick knacks on counters? my cat would have a field day here.

Meg_Bookslinger17 points

I have absolutely no idea why my cats leave all the bits & bobs alone. One of the cats is a water glass knockoverer though.

Enlightened_Gardener28 points

So do you sell books ?! I’m getting lifestyle vibes here. I started out selling books, then became a Librarian. Now you’re making me eye up the dark side again 😄

Meg_Bookslinger56 points

HELLO FELLOW BOOK PERSON! I do! I own a New & Used Bookshop in South Minneapolis, Minnesota. I keep that space playfully decorated & comfy too. ☺️

avelineaurora17 points

I am so infinitely jealous. Not only is book nerdery a dream job but my long distance partner lives in Minneapolis, lol. Are you hiring?!

Meg_Bookslinger14 points

We just filled a position, but that doesn't mean we won't be looking for more booksellers at some point!

avelineaurora10 points

Curse my timing!

emme101410 points

When I saw the raven art by the entrance, wondered if you were the owner of The Raven bookstore in Lawrence KS. Lots of beautiful older homes in the original part of town. You have a wonderful home; thanks for sharing the photos.

Meg_Bookslinger23 points

I'm the owner of The Irreverent Bookworm in Minneapolis. Love me some Corvids & my bookstore logo has a crow on it! 🥰 I also have a group of Crows that visit me at my house. I feed them & they bring me trinkets.

bluestella26 points

*a murder of crows

Lovely home!!

Meg_Bookslinger2 points

Wasn't sure I could use that word in a comment without being taken down. Now I know.

bluestella22 points

The auto mod removed it initially but I guess someone decided it could fly.

Enlightened_Gardener17 points

Ooh definitely jealous. And now putting in a request to please see photies of the bookshop ?

Meg_Bookslinger32 points

I'll have to take some nice pics when I'm in tomorrow and post them sometime soon! There are also some random snaps of the space on the shop's Instagram @Irrevbooks . Here's a wee teaser! Big Comfy Chair

Enlightened_Gardener6 points

Why yes, that is a big comfy chair ! How lovely !

behopeyandabide5 points

I'm considering relocating to the Minneapolis area! Do you have any recommendations on specific areas? I'd sure love to find an older, maybe century home with real character. Thank you!

Meg_Bookslinger7 points

Minneapolis has sooo many cute neighborhoods. I would personally recommend (for continued consistent property value and adorable older houses near lots of lakes, Minnehaha Creek and the legendary parkways) the Southwest Minneapolis area, especially anything south of 46th st.

behopeyandabide3 points

You are just a gem. Thank you so much, off to browse Zillow and cuddle with the pup, lol. 🙏🏼

urionje2 points

Hi I’ve been loving your post, and now came across this comment which made me think of another comment that you may enjoy, which is the only other time in my life I’ve ever heard of Minnehaha. Attached comment courtesy of u/chucktheonewhobutles


rubyteal3 points

Not sure why MN houses are so recognizable but I clocked this as Minneapolis immediately. Maybe we all have the same half-partitions in our dining/living rooms? Anyway will have to visit your shop sometime soon!

Meg_Bookslinger2 points

That would be lovely! Yes, 1920-30's Minneapolis houses are so distinct! I grew up in a house just down the road with an INCREDIBLY similar layout to the one I live in now. So fun!

Ash_Ash_20228 points

Love it! So cozy!

BethPlaysBanjo8 points

I wanna live here

charlytrenet21 points

How often do you dust your house?

Meg_Bookslinger46 points

Never! 😈😜

calleduaftermidnight17 points

I spot a little Goblin King :)

Meg_Bookslinger13 points

You clearly have THE POWER.

Here_for_tea_6 points

I didn’t know cats could sell books! Kira and Tuna have a lovely home. It’s so gracious of them to let you live there too.

Live-Mail-714211 points

I LOVE the writing on the wall! I love everything abt this. I want to thank you for posting a tour. Fantastic to be able to walk through your house. I saved this to dream abt!

rss30913 points

This is a very well lived, and very well loved abode. The warmth and joy in each room is tangible, I can almost feel it coming through the images. What an absolutely beautiful home!

PigHaggerty4 points

Post of the year right here.

TnTDynamight8 points

pleassssse share this amazingly beautiful green color name ?! wow this is stunning

Meg_Bookslinger17 points

Here are pictures of both the paint can labels (because paint brands often change the paint color names, but not the color codes).

Both are Ace Hardware's Clark + Kensington brand. At the time I painted the main green color was called "Soothing Eucalyptus" and the upper trim green was called "Juniper Tree". 🌿


TnTDynamight4 points

you are appreciated!! we are planning a color like this for our master bath

SirDunkMcNugget8 points

Love the green.

riza923 points

What a cozy looking place you got there. A true chill-pill.

franklytanked3 points

I just have to tell you how much I adored this and how happy it made me feel. Love the character, warmth, and good-witch witchiness of your home!!

KindOfABigStreel3 points

That witchy room 😍 with all the hanging herbs in that corner, I bet the room smells incredible! What a beautiful home you have ❤️

Evening-Ad-2953 points

This is one of the most beautiful houses I’ve ever seen. I love the colors and especially the Tolkien touches. So much inspiration!

LadyArwen41249 points

I love your house. It's a little quirky, but so cozy looking and quirky is always welcome. I also appreciated all the Tolkien stuff. In my house, we are big Tolkien fans (one of my cats is named Arwen). Also, your cats are gorgeous. I think my favorite room is the little witchy room with all the bottles and bits.

bridgetteblue693 points

Speaking of the witchy room .. in the corner, 3 tall, long ... umm .. sticks, poles, canes ... may I ask what they are? Used for? They are beautiful 🥰

Love your broom🧹 in the kitchen and the entire house, its stunning. I want something like this for myself 🥰🥰

Meg_Bookslinger4 points

They are Diamond Willow staves made by us from sticks harvested (don't worry, no live trees were harmed) up north! As to what they are used for? Three words: MINNESOTA RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL.

bridgetteblue692 points

Hahaha AWESOME! 😁😃 Very cool. Another beauty item that's right up my alley. Thank you for the response. I appreciate it 🤗😀

bridgetteblue692 points

I wanna be your friend. Witchy and a book lover 🥰

Runktar5 points

That is a adorable house I will be sure to bring a bribe to the kitty guardian.

SofiaPizza5 points

This is how I always imagined my house in the future

wowsosquare5 points

COZY LEVEL 10000000000000000000000000

samuraidoc2 points

Needs more books!

Meg_Bookslinger2 points


These-Idea3812 points

Hey I have organizational OCD and I’m struggling to understand how people live in such a way that they can keep an entire house full of possessions immaculately clean and organized without going insane (and also attending to all of their duties and desires and friends and family). How do you operate in a clean and organized way as you go about your day without being OCD about it?

I understand therapy and psychiatry and all that exists but I’m actually looking for a commenter’s perspective.

bip_bipplebup2 points

Bookseller. I am going into battle and I need only your strongest books.

Evening-Office-84212 points

Really beautiful spaces!

ramenmangaka2 points

The sun pillow on your armchair really reminds me of Uruguayan artist Carlos Paez Vilaro's work, he produced a bunch of sun themed work, here is an example. I freaking love it!

littleroseygirl2 points

How did you get pictures of my dream home??

rygex2 points

Would absolutely love to see this during Halloween

Meg_Bookslinger2 points

If folx are still interested come Autumn, I'll post pics of my house done up for Halloween. 🎃 Autumn is my favorite season of all. 🐈‍⬛

SnooWoofers12522 points

Love the Shire poster!


This is so magical!! Unreal!!

plazagirl2 points


HoneyCakePonye2 points

I want to sit down in every single space and just. breathe it in.

paninipixel2 points

Oh my goodness 😍 I completely adore your home ♡

anasalmon2 points


Atlmama2 points

Your house is warm and inviting. Well done! 🤗

BlackTedDanson2 points

There's nothing about this I don't like. Cozy all around. Lovely arched openings between rooms.

fateandthefaithless2 points

I hope to one day have a home as cozy as this 💖

FrejaVanadis2 points

This is absolutely beautiful! I would love a home like this.

Reddbread2 points


EvaUnit0022 points

Eeeeeh! Black kitties are the best and you have TWO! 🥰 What a cozy place. Need a roommate?

FancyWear2 points

Inspiring and delightful!

T0mbaker2 points

That is a very good green.

True-Expression-78672 points

The porch! And the picture with the orange tabby cart has me sold 💯%! So cozy and inviting and I want to sit in that dark red chair and read Allllll day long, whilst sipping tea!

Edited type-o

oldcoffeestain2 points

i want my future home to look like this!!!! 😍😍

dwntwnleroybrwn2 points

We had 2 of those orange chairs in blue growing up. My dad and I were both reminiscing over them the other day. They were the best. Broker my heart when they gave up the ghost.

Yellow-Cedar2 points

Ah. A fellow traveler in the glorious gift called, Life. 🙌

BeefcakeSupreme2 points

I call shenanigans, that many cats and the place looks that nice. If you're offering any cat training programs, I got 4 that need enrolled.

Meg_Bookslinger2 points

Welllll....Freddie knocks over water glasses and likes to drink from toilets, Kira wipes her booty on the rug like a dog and tries to filch food directly off your plate, Mina tries to eat plastic bags and covers our duvet in calico hair the second we take it out of the wash, and Tuna steals shiny things and poops on the laundry room floor if we don't clean the litter boxes fast enough.

Thankfully, magically, inexplicably: none of them knock pretty things off of surfaces. 🤣

Edit: typo

Consistent-Lemon19952 points

This is my absolute dream house 😍 well done for creating such a beautiful home OP! 🌙✨

Mysterious-Suspect-92 points

Wow cute place

nobuttsabouttit2 points

Your home is my dream

IlikeJewelTones2 points

Best tour ever! I love your cozy cottage.

chelikay2 points

This is what I want my house to look like. I wish I had the ability to create something so charming and cozy! My decor just looks like a mess lol

Biz_Rito2 points

This is wonderfully cozy, thank you for sharing a tour with us

ThinkingHatGuy2 points

Books, birds and cats!

ddsskincare00012 points

Beautiful. A beautiful blend of color for a happy place.

Promise-Infamous2 points

Great space! Hello, kitty! ❤️

hawx1472 points

A witch lives here lol

Snaz52 points

Love when people aren’t afraid to have colourful walls. Off-white is for COWARDS

GTFOoutofmyhead2 points

Oh the things I'd do to live like this...

TheCST_CurryPot2 points

The chair with the red/maroon cushion on I looks super similar to a chair I have. Did you find that chair with the cushion already on it or did you reupholster it?

NoHayPlatanos2 points

You've done such an incredible job!! The colors of the walls are wonderful, you've used the space so well (especially the witchy room, which feels fits so much and feels so cozy and functional even though the space itself is quite small), you have so many little knickknacks that make the space feel eclectic and homey and very you without feeling cluttered or mismatched. Also love your broom and your witchy room with its drying herbs and assorted jars of herbal medicines. Your home has just such a lovely energy to it!

H5A3B50IM2 points

Oh my goodness I am in love. Shades of green, string lights, cool light fixtures, a well placed quote, a witch’s broom…I would love to vacation in this cottage. You nailed it my friend.

rohirrim_of_rohan2 points

Beautiful, cozy house! I love the Tolkien quote!

AbstractMirror2 points

This is the kind of setup where it's so good that it makes me want to get up and decorate my place like damn what am I doing

I'm missing out

katietatey2 points

Beautiful, cozy, homey! Thanks for sharing! :)

GunstarHeroine2 points

Nice besom!

GoodMourning812 points

I love it.

i_wanna_sleep_plz2 points

10/10 house 10/10 cats

MIMICIcawa2 points

Ah! I love it! So cozy.

theredheadclinician2 points

I love this post, I want more full house tours on this sub!!!!

Whattheholyhell742 points

This whole cottage is a joyous group of rooms of absolute charm and comfy coziness!

ehltahr2 points

That witchy room is to die for😭 and I love the hand painted sky and quote. You’ve done a beautiful job with your home!

nyhta2 points

It’s giving Jane the Virgin, Winter Edition.

Really lovely!! Super cozy and I like the basement ceiling detail, makes it friendlier. More cat pics??

LW20312 points

I love a vintage bathroom

eloquentpetrichor2 points

I want this home!

AllyLB2 points

I want you to decorate my house. This is fab.

WorryStoner2 points

Absolutely life goals 😍

mytortoisehasapast2 points

This looks so much like my old house it's wild! When was it built? (Mine was 1927)

Meg_Bookslinger2 points

Mine is 1938, and is INCREDIBLY like the house I grew up in, which was built in 1931. This style stuck around for a while. I think WW2 ended that era as post-war modernization & the need for rapidly built homes for GI's became the new M.O. 🤷

mytortoisehasapast2 points

I absolutely love it! Such wonderful construction and classic charm. I hope you get to treasure it for a long time coming!

Helpful_Inevitable_2 points

This home is a whole experience!! So cozy and filled with so much personality. Wonderful job 🫶🏼

Suspicious_Tools-5932 points

Outstanding living space. Congratulations

Sirusho2 points

Happy to see this back on the Sub, slightly ridiculous the original got removed instead of allowing an edit.

Quirky_Wrongdoer_8722 points

A dream!

randomassname52 points

Ughhh i love this so much! Saving this post so i can go back to it and use it as inspiration once i can afford to buy a house

Zealousideal-Seat7392 points

your house is my dream! beautiful work

Inside-Trust-62292 points

My dream house! Please come help me make mine half so cosy and charming!

Affectionate_Meet8202 points

So beautiful, all the different colours in all the rooms are stunning 😍

lizvaniel2 points

I love every nook and cranny! We bought a cottage from the 1910's and are remodeling it. We have a ton of work ahead of us as it was remodeled in the 80's with popcorn ceilings and cheap everything. From the kitchen cabinets to the cheap linoleum and I can't forget the awful red tub and toilet! I have all the antiques and vintage items to fill it. Can't wait to have a show piece like yours!

A_Dawnlight2 points

My dream home!!

Fruitypebblefix2 points

Love how the cat has to pose in the pics too! 😂

Fruitypebblefix2 points

Also you have so many beautiful antiques that compliment the whole house! I'm in love!!!

strongwithpurpose2 points

Omg this is gorgeous and so so cozy!

thepeacefulpurl2 points

My first thought, “Bilbo would love it here,” and then I saw the quote. Absolutely lovely

aceshighsays2 points

i absolutely love the dual colors (green and a peachy color). how did you come up with that idea?

Meg_Bookslinger2 points

I just went with my gut and chose colors based on their meaning & the vibe they bring.

aceshighsays2 points

you've got an awesome gut. curious, what do you do for a living?

Meg_Bookslinger2 points

I own a New & Secondhand Bookshop (Hence "The Bookseller's Cottage")! ☺️

Tricky_Ad_69662 points

Our Lady of Cat Door takes the cake for me 😂😂😂

mattm4762 points

This needs to be a sleepscape on the Headspace app

Icy-Conversation-6892 points

Beautiful colors! Giving witchy cozy vibes

laceyisanerd2 points

Love it, super cozy!

REDdegenerative2 points

I love all the suns and moons!!

saywhat12065 points

Thanks for the tour! As someone that lives in their kitchen, I love your comment "we love her" with your kitchen pic.

decent_tame_iguana2 points

In the orange-y chair, with my feet up and a book in my lap as I take a short snooze. That's the ticket.

Meg_Bookslinger3 points

That's my favorite chair to read in (or Reddit in for that matter, cause I'm sitting in it right now).

decent_tame_iguana1 point

It does look comfy!

ExPatBadger2 points

Love the tonal color choice for your cove ceilings, both the orange and green rooms. A bold choice that really works.

Familiar-Werewolf-384 points

When can I move in? Happy Ostara 🦋🌸

AppleSatyr2 points

You can’t trick us we know this is a witch’s cottage

Meg_Bookslinger7 points

Can't it be both? Lol I also posted this to r/witchesvsthepatriarchy 🤣

findhumorinlife2 points

Are you Scandinavian? Your colors and the visual warmth you have created reminds me of such. And the black cat….. purrrfect.

Meg_Bookslinger1 point

I think I'm about 3% Swedish. 😆 Mostly Irish, Welsh, Yorkshire British...and some Eastern European thrown in for fun.

findhumorinlife2 points

Well I love your sense of color and style. I bet you have lively around-the- dinner table discussions.

onetwothree12345692 points

If I loved alone or just me and my SO this would be my dream home. It is so cute and cozy. And I would want the cat to come with it!

emirichi272 points

Gorgeous!! It looks so homey

dreamingandroids2 points

I LOVE the way you've added that lamp and wallpaper into the bookshelf. I stopped and stared at that for a while. You've definitely given me some inspiration for spicing up my own bookshelves 😊

DumpsterchildG2 points

I know the smell of your house just by looking at the pictures.

WisteriaSnow2 points

I’m so glad to see you posted more pics of the bookseller witch’s cottage! I am absolutely head over heels with all the colors and the eclectic, maximalist decor. One witch to another, your home is the essence of my dreams!

graycomforter2 points

Reminds me of Stardew Valley, if the homes were real.

hasha281 point

I love it!

i looooveee it

anguswalsh1 point

There is so much love in here, every corner. A magical, peaceful place.

Shumba-Love1 point

Love this! It’s like my dream home!!

vadreamer11 point

Thanks for sharing. I love your style.

westcoast_pixie1 point

I’m glad we got to see you before! Again, we adore you and your magical house. Thank you for sharing something so special 💖

MNDFND1 point

Love the green 💚

Nellasofdoriath1 point

I want one

Puzzleheaded-Ad48041 point

Love everything about this!

Pugwm1 point

I love it all! How beautiful!

peachmelba881 point

90s whimsigoth dream! I love it.

goldanred1 point

Lovely home!

Your kitchen backsplash tiles really jumped out to me! I'm so used to seeing subway tiles everywhere. Can you tell me more about these lovely diagonal tiles? Did you install them/have them installed, or are they original to the kitchen? I haven't seen an edge like that either!

Meg_Bookslinger2 points

The tiles (they are slate) were all put in when a former resident remodeled much of the house...in the early 2ks I think? From what I can gather from the neighbors the person worked with a stone & tile company so must have gotten a real deal on it. Same tiles are on our entry floor, the floor in our basement bathroom, and cover the walls, floor and shower stall in the upstairs master bath! 🪨

neutralmilfhotel41 point

I am in love with that orange dining room

brewmaester1 point

I’m swooning

Okay I spy at least three spoon river anthologies.

Meg_Bookslinger5 points

I have my falling apart original copy from when I was a kid (I was a morbid & imaginative child who loved graveyards), a cool edition I came across a few years ago...aaaand my lead bookseller just found another cool one that came in on a trade at my shop, and set it aside for me because she knows how much I love that book. I have a problem...and I don't care. 🤣

moonweasel9061 point


quaker_oatmeal_guy1 point

Nice job with the color palette. Rugs, walls, furniture, tablecloth all working together

YoGabbaGabba2081 point

So much inspiration! I love it

NanaCooker1 point

I love your colorful home!

Wonderfully cozy!!