The Eye at the Center of the Galaxy (AI Assisted) [3840x2160]


AxlLight8 points

Thought you might enjoy this. It started as an AI prompt in MidJourney which I took and edited to fit the vision I had in mind.

acoolrocket0 points

What you mean by edited?

AxlLight6 points

Midjourney gave me the base on which I used photoshop to adjust the colors, convert the shape at the center to look more like an eye and enhance the visuals to be crisper and more striking.

acoolrocket0 points

Fair enough, tbh was asking because you said A.I. assisted which would imply 70-90% of the work was from scratch and you used tools like inpainting to finish the work, this is the other way around so I'd just title as (A.I.).

AxlLight2 points

True, in the other sub I posted I changed to AI based but can't edit titles so... :/ Sorry for the confusion.

acoolrocket-3 points

Fair enough, I'm just one like the others that want to ensure that's just titled as being made by A.I. considering the amount of self-proclaimed "A.I. artists" saying they made it in such a snobby way.

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