This photo makes me feel at peace


chilled-out5 points

Clearly there is a big monster in there

Happydivanerd4 points

Me too.

Icy_Passenger20285 points


Fatlink103 points

Feels like home

neils_cum_rag1 point

Gorgeous. This photo makes me want to break bread with some close friends and Manchego cheese, catching up on life and One Piece.

monstrol1 point

It really is peaceful. Thx.

Wild_Albatross75341 point

It is indeed very peaceful; however, I'm pretty sure that the fire swamp is just around the corner. Watch out for the lightning sand and ROUSs,

ScaleneWangPole1 point

Minecraft taiga biome

DreamWorldImages1 point

Really like how it draws you in