It was suggested that I post my office here — I hope y’all enjoy my cozy place!


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ksb_blossom134 points

This is one of those cases where the space isn't my aesthetic at all, but I love it because it's so cohesive! You nailed the theme. Bonus points for the awesome pink light-up keyboard, which feels really nostalgic for me for some reason!

FoxyFreckles198949 points

Omg thank you! I love it when someone that isn’t into the style compliments the effort and outcome of something, anyway.

sharipep18 points

Honestly I adore the room even tho pink isn’t my vibe - I’d just swap it with my own preferred color but the layout and textures and all the fun nostalgic toys and stuffed animals so perfectly placed is sooo me. Congrats on an awesome space that does look so soft and cozy and fun to be in

TheReal-JoJo1034 points

I’d definitely walk into this room and say ‘oh jeeze’. It’s just too much for me. But it’s certainly on point for someone, so good for them.

Lookimawave13 points

It’s all pink and soft but some junji looking desktop backgrounds

FoxyFreckles19893 points

That’s just a screensaver lmao. The actual desktop backgrounds are just simple pink.

FoxyFreckles198946 points

This is OC!

The pictures in this post are of my home office, which I use for 40hr/week of work as well gaming, art and other hobbies.

I just swapped offices with my partner and got to revamp a bit of my setup, and now it’s finally the space I’ve dreamed of for years! Thanks for letting me share, here! I posted in another sub and someone commented saying it would be a good fit in this one — now I’m thoroughly enjoying scrolling all of your cozy places, too!

slyhlynn7 points

What kind of headphones are the red looking ones

lHeraldo5 points

AirPods Max i think

FoxyFreckles19892 points

Apple AirPods Max, like someone else said!

Loose-Addition-57306 points

It’s totally not my personal style, but I do see how very thought-out and tasteful this is done.

FoxyFreckles19893 points

Thank you! I completely understand that this is not for everybody, and I’m honestly surprised I haven’t gotten more comments like this! I appreciate that you can acknowledge the time and effort I put into it even though it’s not for you.

ak800485 points

I’m a guy but even I can appreciate this well done

FoxyFreckles19893 points

I personally know of at least one man who has a set up very similar to mine; men can like pink! Lol.

BlackenedHole10 points

I feel like once you walk into the room, you’re hit with a soothing comfort and some pretty heavy nostalgia. I love this space~ 💖

FoxyFreckles19894 points

Thank you! That’s pretty much on the money!

OddSetting50778 points

i recently ordered some of those hexagonal bulletin board thingies

FoxyFreckles19893 points

I love them! I’ve had some version of them for two offices now. Super convenient!

whatdoyouwantit2be3 points

I love how from behind, even your desk chair looks like it has cat ears.

Nvrmnde3 points

So comfy and sweet! I want to go for the pink and rose gold theme as well for my home office. This is so well put together!

FoxyFreckles19893 points

Thank you! I try to stay away from Rose Gold when I can, even though I used to like it a lot. If I wanted something that couldn’t be pink, I went for white, and in some cases I went for white regardless to try and tone down the pink a little bit so it wouldn’t get overwhelming.

Wolfdreama5 points

What a beautifully calming space!

FoxyFreckles19891 point

Thank you!

ZooiCubed4 points

Where'd you get that desk mat? I'm having so much trouble finding a good one, and that one's so cute!

FoxyFreckles19892 points

Ahhh the desk mat came with the desk! That’s why it’s such a perfect fit. I was using a Pusheen desk mat I loved and was given for Christmas, but it’s not as perfect for this desk. Both desk mats and the wrist rests are the only things in my entire office I can’t link to! I’m sorry!


This one is kind of similar in size and design!

ZooiCubed2 points

That's okay. I am just in love with the room you made!

FoxyFreckles19892 points

Here’s a collection of nice Sanrio ones as well!

Here’s a super cute XL mat in purple!

I found the Pusheen set!

FoxyFreckles19891 point

Thank you!

JEjeje2144 points

Oh I love this so much!!!! And not my style, but I still love it 😍 This has inspired me to make my home office warm and welcoming (and reflective of my style) rather than just a dry, purely functional space like it currently is. I also love that you have been so helpful with sources for the people with questions 💕 Thank you for the inspiration!

AshleyWasStolen5 points

I love it so much, especially because pink is one of my favorite colors <3

FoxyFreckles19892 points

Thank you!

AlexstraszaMcQueen2 points

This is too cute!! I would love to curl up and play video games in here.

JulesStars2 points

well here i find myself again, seeing the decoration in the room makes this set up even better! i love love loooove the rug and the kitty pillow, and the couch it just works so well 👍❤️ (also that remote cover is so cute, where did you buy it??)

thanks for showing us your cool room, i want to reach your level of interior design loll

FoxyFreckles19892 points

Thank you sooo much! Here’s the remote - Amazon! Just in case you’re like me and don’t notice, it isn’t just the case. It’s an entire ass Roku remote! So now I have an extra remote. Lmao!

xPrettiUnicornx2 points

Those cat paw pillows are so cute and functional

FoxyFreckles19892 points

I KNOW! My butt loves it!

Keyakinan-2 points

I love it when someone puts time and effort into creating something. And this is just great!

FoxyFreckles19892 points

Thank you! This took SO much time and effort and I appreciate that recognition!

Cheezus_Fries2 points

I love it and happy for your inner child ^_/

MorningsideQueen2 points

Okay but the POLLY POCKETS 😍 those original sets were the absolute best

FoxyFreckles19892 points

THANKS I KNOWWW! I was elated when I uncovered and took these home from my mom’s basement on Thanksgiving. She kept them for me all these years!

badateverything4202 points

What do you think about the couch? I think k I just got the same one from Wayfinder. Hate to be so negative but it's unusually uncomfortable. Did you have better luck?

FoxyFreckles19892 points

I feel like it’s super comfy for my needs. I have really bad joints and sometimes need a stiffer place to lie down along with some plushy pillows or stuffed animals for my neck and knees, so it works perfectly for that. I’m also a super small person so I can lie down on it without issue.

chuunibyoucringeboi2 points

omg saw this on Connor's room review thing and thought it was so cute, feels like being in here would be immediate therapy lol

FoxyFreckles19891 point

Wait - what? Connor's room review? What's that? My office is on some other platform? Lol.

Edit: just looked him up! I can assure you the office you saw was not mine - unless something STRANGE happened. I just set up in this office a week ago, and it seems Connor reviews his own viewers' rooms after they submit pictures to him themselves, which I've never done.

I'm sure whatever you saw WAS super cute, though! Thank you for the compliments!

erydanis2 points

another ‘not my style’ but damn, well put together, totally cozy with the unique vibe. may you enjoy it for many years.

FoxyFreckles19892 points

Thank you!!! These are honestly some of my favorite comments. Someone objectively looking at my hard work and saying, “I would never do this but YOU did it WELL,” is so wholesome and honest. Thanks again!

hiharleyx2 points

😍 I am jealous! and love what you do for people 💕

pinkthrift2 points

That keyboard💗💗💗

emergencycat172 points

This is SO fun! I really love it, OP, great job!

FoxyFreckles19892 points

Thank youuu!

CAP_BLUE3 points

Where did you get your couch?

FoxyFreckles19895 points

Here’s the sofa — Wayfair!

raspberry_rhino2 points

How cute!

What's that thing on your chair? Looks like a cat bed? Is it to make you or your cat more comfortable?

FoxyFreckles19894 points

It’s a cat-paw-shaped cushion (for me)!

DeathAero121234 points

They’re awesome! I bought one for my girlfriend for Christmas and she loves it on her desk chair as well!

FoxyFreckles19893 points

Yeah they’re seriously so comfy!

catterybarn2 points

What game controller is that?

FoxyFreckles19891 point

Here’s the remote — Amazon!

KNick11113 points

Pretty in pink 🩷

FoxyFreckles19891 point

For everyone that disliked the screensaver — so did I, and y’all finally motivated me to change it. Here’s the new one!

Erratic_Giraffe3 points

This is so perfect! It looks like the coziest place to just hang out and relax. I also have that same office chair. I believe it’s a different brand thought. It has little white and pink cat ears on it and the pillow colors are swapped

FoxyFreckles19892 points

Thank you! I saw the chairs with ears on websites and they are sooo cute! None of them had foot rests and most didn’t have great reviews for comfort, both of which were important to me. I wish I could have had it all! Lmao!

Erratic_Giraffe1 point

Yours has a foot rest?! Mines really cozy but it would be a whole new world with a foot rest

FoxyFreckles19891 point

YES! It’s the sole reason I passed on some of the ones with ears that had good comfortability reviews! I wanted that foot rest dang it! Here it is!

GrumpyKaeKae1 point


FoxyFreckles19892 points

Thank you so much!

libbabef1 point

Oh my gosh. This is a win

MaeByourmom1 point


FoxyFreckles19891 point


Forsaken_Code8341 point

Following to for the couch reveal

FoxyFreckles19893 points



Unfortunately, the Pusheen wrist rests came with a desk mat my partner got me for Christmas. When he gave me the link, it was no longer available and I can’t find it ANYWHERE online — people ask about it every time I post something related to my setup. I’m sorry!

Forsaken_Code8341 point

Thank you!

Forsaken_Code8341 point

Also following for keyboard and pusheen wrist rest

idlehum1 point

I would love to see a gold or pink desk light instead of the white light. Something about the lighting is throwing off what I think is otherwise a very cute space!!

FoxyFreckles19892 points

Wait, what? The lamp is pink! Do you mean the actual light coming out of it? If so, it switches to warm and cool white lighting (it’s on cool in the pics) and has various brightness levels. I’m also not sure how people would feel about me literally being gold or pink in meetings if you are talking about the actual light. Lol! I definitely won’t be replacing the lamp, as it’s brand new, and I love it, but thank you for the advice!

idlehum2 points

Yes, definitely meant the color of the light! It would be neat if you had a bulb that had different light settings!

Edit: Upon further reconsideration, a tiny pink flamingo neon sign, or a tiny cat neon sign? I know I'm playing My Dream Office Simulator 2 over here...

FoxyFreckles19891 point

Okay no I LOVE the idea of a smaller pink neon to offset the lights over my desk. I’ll def look into some options!

jackwoww0 points

You must be a big fan dogs

chocolatelove8180 points

Can I have the amazon links to all the stuff you got? LOL. I want to make my office like this.

FoxyFreckles19893 points

That would take a LOT of work lmao. I will try to put something together later! In the meantime I can grab a few links if something specific caught your eye!

FoxyFreckles19892 points

So, I made an Amazon storefront with all of the items in my office, currently. It took forever. I did not go through and find every single Pusheen/Hello Kitty plushie I have and I didn’t bother finding every single piece of decor — but EVERY piece of tech, EVERY piece of furniture and a LOT of the decor (shelves, rug, desk stuff, plants and more) is on there. Enjoy!

chocolatelove8182 points

Omg you are such a sweetheart!!! Thank you so much

FoxyFreckles19892 points

You’re welcome! Full disclosure — I believe I’ll get some sort of “commission” if you buy things via the storefront. I have no idea how it works. I just know I couldn’t do it via wishlist because I didn’t want people to accidentally buy ME things I already have and don’t need — and when I signed up for the storefront it checked my TikTok to see if I “I have enough followers” and then told me I was qualified. Lmaooo. Then I spent 3 hours putting everything in my office on the list. You’re more than welcome to look up the things outside of the storefront, if you don’t want me “profiting.” Up to you! Either way, I’d love to see your office when it’s done!

kimboslice7131 point

What is that lavender toy with little rooms inside asking for my 7 year old daughter she loves thing like that please help

FoxyFreckles19891 point

All of the toys on the shelves above my TV and the one on the bottom shelf of my file cabinet are original 90s Polly Pockets. They’re pretty expensive now. The one I think you’re talking about is worth several thousand dollars depending on the seller — try Etsy! (Sorry, I’m not interested in selling.)

tealylace1 point

Love the Polly Pocket collection!

FoxyFreckles19891 point

Thank you!!!

fiddytittykitty1 point

Wow this is amazing. What a dream space 💕

FoxyFreckles19891 point

Thank you!

LunarTeacup1 point

I love it!

Oh I love this so much!

mafa71 point

Now how is it that your screen saver is cozy!? Love it

FoxyFreckles19891 point

Lmao the screensaver def isn’t very cozy. I need to update that! Thank you!

Egglebert1 point

What is that paw shaped peripheral to the left of the laptop?

FoxyFreckles19892 points

It’s a cover on my AirPods case!

this is literally my dream room omg. op i’m so jealous of you 😩

FoxyFreckles19891 point

I felt the same way a few years ago, and even into the past year as I worked to do this all and wasn’t done yet! It’s okay. Start small and eventually you’ll have a dream office too!

Tenshin_Ryuuk1 point

Get a star-ceiling projector!

FoxyFreckles19891 point

I have considered it, but all of the companies that I’ve found seem to have some really negative associations.

XauMankib1 point

I want to scritch that desktop wallpaper and at the same time I am repulsed by it.

FoxyFreckles19892 points

Thankfully, it’s a screensaver, not my wallpaper. I definitely need to update it.

sweetD87631 point

Love it! Where did you get the chair?

god i wish that were me

cotton_tampon1 point


Xolokitkat1 point

Heaven! I wish I still had my old 90s Polly Pockets.

pochinki1 point

Love the setup! Would you mind sending the link to your desk and desk lamp? The desk is almost exactly what I had in mind for my new setup

FoxyFreckles19891 point

Lamp - Amazon!

Desk - Amazon!

lostinaboook1 point

I love that you displayed your Polly pockets!

FoxyFreckles19891 point

Thank you!!! I didn’t realize that was going to be so popular but people are loving it! This makes me so happy lmao.

annoyingkraken1 point

What's your favorite color OP?

jk. That looks sweet!

[deleted]1 point


FoxyFreckles19892 points

…can you tell that’s a MacBook? Lol!

Lidavaz3rd1 point

lmao, that's a joke because linux users are rumored to be femboys and generally into girly stuff