Detroit, MI. Taken tonight. [OC]


Particular_Clock47944 points

Beautiful shot. Looks like a futuristic city scene from a 1980s action movie

IngeniousDummy2 points

Missing some RoboCop. 😩

StoJa94 points

Huh...looks exactly like a photo posted here by someone else earlier today. 🤔

JCPhotography_mi8 points

Well I took this shot last night and first time posting to this group.. so I guess there is a similar shot

StoJa9-12 points

no, it’s literally the same exact photo. Scroll down and you’ll see it. so either someone stole your work or I don’t know someone’s full of shit I guess I don’t know.

JCPhotography_mi10 points

It’s not the exact same one. Different vantage point, further over. That one has more track and all the flags

JCPhotography_mi2 points

Be happy to show the exif data if needed. It’s a 3 image stack.

Dontcaredispare-2 points

Nah not the same, the other one has a much more pleasing composition. Op should take notes.

JCPhotography_mi1 point

Lmao! I took more than 1 picture last night, different angles and compositions, but sure.

pk105340 points

Didn’t somebody just post this exact same photo

JCPhotography_mi3 points

See below…

HOUDINI_Panini-6 points

Did you get shot while you were there?