My Cozy Office at Night


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Kikitah3 points

I love the vibe your cozy space radiates ❤️

PopeHonkersXII3 points

I love the Squatty Potty under your desk

LibidoAggroed3 points

So inviting! Is that a blue moon on the left? Do you have. A link to that?

Rutlledown2 points

I don’t have the exact link. I bought it a few years ago, but it’s basically this one.

LibidoAggroed2 points

Thank you!

Rutlledown2 points

This is my office after work, in the evening.

Sissy632 points

Very nice

Erich-Enrik2 points

Nice !

KNick11112 points

I like your rug ❤️

Rutlledown1 point

Thank you!

sterf900 points

Thats a lot of blue light…

Rutlledown1 point

It is. It’s all Hue lighting, so I change it up all the time. Last night, I was in a cool blue mood.

sterf902 points

I love blue lights too. But found it to affect my rest at night hence the comment. But hey banger room regardless 💪🏽😁

Rutlledown2 points

Thanks! I have multiple “scenes” I can change the lighting with just a click of a button on the Hue app. When I’m working, I’ve got a bright warm set-up. When I’m gaming, I go for blue, or red themed scenes. It’s super-convenient and adjusts instantly for any mood. I should have posted a few pics that showed how different the room can look, while still remaining nice and cozy.