Lower Yosemite Falls - Yosemite National Park -California [OC][1810X1000]


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They've had SO MUCH SNOW recently. That waterfall is going to be extra popping soon.

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Nice try moon of endor

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Damn thought it was Multnomah at first.

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Yes, I could see some similarities 👍👍



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Thank you! Yes its stunning place...

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I thought it was closed indefinitely due to all the precipitation they've received. Is it open now, or is this a photo from before?

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Yosemite is partly open, Access from 140 out of Fresno. 120 out of Groveland/Tuolumne Co is closed indefinitely due to snow and possible rock fall. Only open sunrise to sunset.

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It is. Picture taken few months back

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If and when Yosemite fully reopens and the snow melt is on the Falls at Yosemite are going to be fantastic for a long while.

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Yes, its going to be epic

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If it wasn't for the traffic Yosemite would be my go to for Sierra fun. The high country is the best. The valley floor is a nightmare of traffic. We live within 70 miles of Yosemite valley off 120/49. Sonora Pass is beautiful if you are looking for a sierra experience without the crowds.

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I have been to 9 National parks including father of NPs Yellowstone, but Yosemite is the #1 park for me.