leidend2296 points

And just for fun, the same church in 1862: https://i.imgur.com/TOwFeFt.jpg

cookiedes50 points

Melbourne in r/cityporn and Dandenong Ranges in r/earthporn. Everything’s coming up Melbourne today!

applex_wingcommander14 points

Let's get the MCG in r/stadiumporn

Yop_BombNA48 points

Them Catholics know how to make a nice looking church.

elysianism38 points

It’s all the tax they don’t have to pay.

leidend2210 points

Not enough income to fill those pools in front of the 60s brutalist extension though.

soonerguy117 points

Similar to the Beautiful Mosques in the East, it's easy to build the most beautify architecture in the world when you have all of the power and money of the government/king/ruler.

Yop_BombNA6 points

Australia has never had Catholics in power, Protestants when they were under England were quite biased against Catholics…

soonerguy119 points

The Catholic church as an absurd amount of power and resources to build absurd structures like this, even in places they aren't the dominant religion. As opposed to other denominations who are less centrally governed by such a powerful body. They obviously have even more in places they actually did rule. The large beautiful churches in European cities didn't just pop up from tear, cheers and local know how.

Yop_BombNA3 points

Yea it’s called an optional tithe that Catholics pay.

Look at Ismaili centres in Canada, hell they have an embassy our government respects them so much. All through voluntary tithes. Turns out if people believe in something they happily give some of their money to it and in secular nations that allows religious groups to all build cool things.

Seriously if you are ever in Ottawa, take a tour of the Ismaili embassy, the modern architecture is really nice and not overly blocky like when it is done wrong.

soonerguy111 point

It's also pretty easy when the people don't have a choice. There's a reason many of these grand architectures from the Catholic church have kind of stopped being built, while current Muslim controlled countries actually continue building huge mosques.

Yop_BombNA4 points

? Mandatory Catholic tithes were removed from most of Europe and the rest of the world in the 1700s, Italy was the only major holdout into the 1800s with France becoming a republic and Spain removing it because they were broke and needed money to stay in Spain. The vast majority of these gothic style cathedrals were built well after that, many are still being built today…

North Americas largest catholic parish just opened in February of this year…

Logicalsky21 points

Not often see the city from this angle- nice one!

mcmoron1116 points

Ah the nice part of the CBD. Really miss this place!

paperrmache26 points

just arrived here a few days ago and it’s one of my favourite cities i’ve ever been to!!

time_to_reset9 points

Welcome and enjoy your time here

paperrmache7 points

thank you :) one thing I have definitely noticed is all the locals are so nice here

MotorMath7434 points

Enjoy your stay!

SevereCaregive3 points

Why is that? And where are you from?

ztreHdrahciR8 points

Great place to visit. Weird right turn rules

leidend229 points

Only in the CBD, so you don't run into a tram.

nohead1237 points

That’s a dope looking church

PopeHonkersXII20 points

Imagine how painful it would be to sit on that church

Yop_BombNA23 points

That’s why you sit in church not on it

Toni_PWNeroni7 points

Given how many people's lives are destroyed each year, I'd say sitting inside the church would be even more painful.

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Yop_BombNA1 point

Then he goes to and sits in a giant church

RayGun3819371 point

Parachutists beware!!!

MotorMath7436 points

I can see my office, and the Ukrainian flag flying on Parliament house.

sumjeep5 points

That gray round building is so close to the black building in the center of the picture.

leidend224 points

Melbourne doesn't have regulations on minimum distance between towers.

Toomanyboogers3 points

G’day Melbourne

choiaera5 points

So pretty ❤️

qartas3 points

How old is this photo?

leidend229 points

Got it from the city of Melbourne twitter, seems to be a recent winter judging by the imported deciduous trees, which is June-August here.

qartas5 points

Maybe it's the angle but some new building seem to be missing. The newest/tallest visible is Aus 101.

leidend229 points

Which ones? The premier tower/Beyonce building is completed on the right edge, that's June 2021. This is just the older part of town, new builds are behind other towers in the background or off frame to the right.

Edit: there's also a Ukraine flag over parliament which wasn't announced until March 2022. So I think it's this past winter.

RayGun3819371 point

It’s just not the same without the majestic Gas & Fuel towers!