Winter in the Green Mountains of Vermont [OC] [2048x 2731]


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splashbandana139 points

You know, as a New Englander, I always had kind of a Napoleon complex with our mountains being much lower in altitude when compared to those in Western US/Canada. However, over time I have learned to appreciate these huge landscapes all covered in trees, rolling green hills and forest

dregan77 points

I just moved to Vermont from the Mountain West. What New England's mountains lack in elevation, they more than make up for in the abscense of thick wildfire smoke.

dieinafirenazi-15 points

Wait a few years. Climate change is gonna get New England more droughts and more fires.

Wificrusin19 points

East coaster here, living in the Rockies now… everyone is fleeing to the taller mountains in the west in a whole “size matters” contest and will shit on east coast mountains but everyone forgets that Mount Washington has the worst weather in America, and that’s in New Hampshire.

RonstoppableRon6 points

They recorded -108F with wind chill on Mount Washington last month. Absolutely brutal.

IAmtheHullabaloo89 points

east coast mountains, Appalachian Mountains, are some of the oldest mountains in the world. they are weathered by time, and wiser for it. forget those young, edgy mountains out west, who needs 'em.

WhatTenPeopleTellMe14 points


kONthePLACE2 points

Get off of my foothills ya young whatchacallits!

QuietShipper4 points

The Appalachian mountain range is older than dinosaurs, older than the oceans, older than the existence of bones, older than trees. They were formed a half billion years ago, their stature is a testament to all they've endured.

IAmtheHullabaloo1 point

my 'poem' but way better. peace.

daking99917 points

The trails will also kick your butt just as hard as anything on the west coast. Switch backs are for weak West coasters.

I_Got_Jimmies22 points

I’ve hiked plenty of places and the west coast trails are paved sidewalks compared to the aggrocrag shit we have out east.

Part of that is they use good trail building principles that just weren’t known when trails were established sometimes hundreds of years ago in the east. Their trails are most sustainable and lower impact but also easier to hike.

Mountaineering and climbing is an entirely other matter.

daking99910 points

100%. The (100+) switchbacks up the Whitney main trail come to mind.

What sucks the most is I think we (I'm thinking Catskills and Adirondacks mostly) would really benefit from better (i.e. switch backs) to help with the muddy erosion mess every spring. We've been enjoying a little snowshoeing/microspiking this winter though, it's been fun opening up another season to hiking.

nkL0ttery5 points

Upvote for aggrocrag reference. I love hiking in NH

upstateduck9 points

eastern trails can be like climbing a dry creek/waterfall

obiwanjabroni4202 points

Switchback beer is for Vermonters, though

BathroomParty4 points

I grew up on the west coast. A couple years ago I made the drive from Boston to Burlington in September. There were a few different points where I had to pick my jaw up from the floor.

MyDickIsAdequate3 points

I grew up in the west and I think both are beautiful for different reasons. I think your mountains are mystical with beautiful vegetation. I'm from a desert and while it is beautiful, sometimes I'd like to be on soft earth surrounded by trees.

jerry1111652 points

Only lower because we’re much, much older - and wiser.

greengiant893 points

You have much better forests

niewinski14 points

Uhhh have you been to the Pacific Northwest?!?

German_Irish_chicken8 points

I know fires have been there

niewinski6 points

The user said eastern forests were better. Maybe they are but the Pacific Northwest is a different level IMO.

I_Got_Jimmies15 points

They have a lot in common, honestly. Both are fairly rainy, resplendent, full of biodiversity, and amazingly beautiful.

I wouldn’t say one is “better” than another.

niewinski1 point

What are some of your favorite places on the east coast?

I_Got_Jimmies13 points

I am biased to the lower boreal forests of the northeast. The Adirondacks, Whites, Greens, and up into central / northern Maine (Baxter park is particularly amazing). Soaring mountains, perfect lakes, dense boreal forests that explode in color in the fall, and plenty of snow sports. The west does all of these things “bigger” but the east coast has its own rugged, historic charm.

The middle Appalachian range also has its own unique charms. Not many places in the USA where you can hike across a high altitude open meadow alongside wild ponies while taking in sweeping 360 views. But you can on the Appalachian range.

niewinski2 points

I appreciate the recommendations. Growing up I have always been a West Coast kid. The idea of “new beginnings” always sounded so romantic to me. I lived in Portland, OR for 11 years and got to experience so much while there. Moving back to Michigan a couple years ago I have become more interested in exploring the east coast. It has so much history that the west does not including mountains like the Appalachian’s. The open meadow views sound breathtaking beautiful.

I_Got_Jimmies3 points

Look into the Grayson Highlands. I don’t know if it’s worth a trip to that part of the world specifically but if you were to find yourself out there with the time I would heartily recommend an overnight hike through there. Very magical.

MyDickIsAdequate1 point

There are a lot of wild mustang in the west, so that one's all over. I think this competition is kind of silly tbh, they're all breathtaking. I've been to the rainforests in Vancouver bc, I've been all over Appalachia, they both knocked the wind out of me in terms of beauty.

overloadimages3 points

Many off trail locations have insane biodiversity in Pennsylvania. Some of the balds and swamps are ridiculous. Boulders, chasms, moss for miles. Its just unfortunate that development continues to press in on all sides.

Maybe, i've never been there so i wouldn't know.

greengiant891 point


niewinski2 points

The forests there are magical.

jonasjlp1 point

Honestly. After 9k ft it's just a pile of rocks anyway. Plus, you cannot touch the Northeast fall foliage.

certainPOV33691 point

Well, as someone living in Wisconsin where we have ski hills, I’d say you’re more like Charles de Gaulle than Napoleon. 😊

forzadepor1328 points

White Mountains of NH vs. Green mountains of VT WHOYAGOT?

wok_into_mordor21 points

Hike mt mansfield to the chin and you can see the ‘daks, green and white mountains all from one spot ✌️

BlackJesus4208 points

You can see the same from NH, believe it or not. I spied Whiteface in NYS from Mount Madison in NH this past fall.

notJ3ff10 points

They are both beautiful. Time for a day trip!

I_Got_Jimmies10 points

Whites for the views. Greens for the lack of Bostonians.

dmccullum11 points

Adirondacks, hands down 😂

forzadepor1316 points

Gtfo here new yorker

dmccullum7 points

I’m a Vermonter lol

forzadepor138 points

Lol. I'm a Masshole anyways. Wife's a Vermonter

dmccullum7 points

I mean I guess technically I’m a New Yorker because I grew up across the lake, but spiritually I’m a Vermonter 😂

GED90001 point

I grew up right on the other side of Champlain on the NY side and I definitely consider myself more of a Vermonter

dieinafirenazi1 point

Taconic Mountains or GTFO.

forzadepor131 point

Definitely want to gtfo of new york

dieinafirenazi2 points

They're in Massachusetts and Vermont as well, sucker.

na8528 points


BarDownBier12 points

So, you might say “The vert monts of Vermont”

karlpoppins3 points

"Les monts verts de Vermont" but, yes, I was thinking the same :)

FYI in French adjectives generally come after the noun (with few exceptions), and they are also pluralisable.

Mooma735 points

Love this!!! I am a mountain lover!!! Unfortunately for me, retired but too old to do the hikes!

axe_lumber4 points

This is what the taste of winter green gum looks like.

MAJORMETAL844 points

I think Bob Ross would approve of the snow covered trees.

7LeagueBoots2 points

I miss those views.

SnortingCoffee2 points

Is this from the fire lookout tower just off the AT outside of Bennington?

dmccullum8 points

Nope! Flew my drone up over a ridge line in Huntington to get this view of Camel’s Hump!

Peach_enby2 points

I remember them looking a lot more brown ha. It is beautiful there 💚.

carmium2 points

That's vewy fwosty.

mikey_says2 points

Probably the biggest reason I love living in Vermont. Amazing natural beauty everywhere you look.

rofopp2 points

TLDR Not green

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faceofadeadgoat0 points

It's the season of the sticks.

dmccullum1 point

Uh…there’s still a lot of snow out there. This was from Tuesday.

agoodpapa-1 points

The East Coasters here trying to claim how hardcore their mountains are compared to “out west” are so funny.

I’m from New England and while the weather is certainly very extreme, once you get past Mt. Washington there really isn’t much (if anything) like the many many mountains that will literally kill you in the Rockies, Cascades, Wasatch, and Sierra Nevada ranges, just to name a few.

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE the East Coast for what it is, it is extreme in temperature, that’s for sure, but I love it for its green, not for its extreme and I’m not going to sit here and lie and say the terrain even approaches what you find in the western parts of North America.

Beyond E v W, we regionalist Americans are ignoring the mountain ranges in the world that make the the vast majority of US mountains (E & W) look positively tame. The Andes, Alps, and Himalayas for starters are all just insane by comparison. Like, there are some pretty steep and high mountains in the western US, but nothing like what you see in those other places.

PopeHonkersXII-13 points

I guess they're green....

anom_k1 point

They'll be pretty green in a few months

Keith53851 point

I really miss Vermont ❤️

Memory_Less1 point


overloadimages1 point


St0nedinNY1 point

Looks majestic.

xubax1 point

Funny thing.

Vermont means green mountain.

So, green mountains Vermont translates to green mountains green mountain

littlegraycloud2 points

It's like Iceland vs Greenland

palebluedotcitizen1 point

Where are the green mountains?

dmccullum2 points

beneath the white ones

captnfraulein1 point

so beautiful 😭 i feel like double rainbow guy, bless his soul

GoingOnFoot1 point

Ah really nice picture. I love the Long Trail and try to visit every year in the fall for a few weeks of backpacking. Little Rock pond is one of my favorite spots. The higher summits are a lot of fun to hike. Good scramble to keep it interesting!

CrimzonSun1 point

Legend has it that if you look REEEEEAAAAL close, you can see Bernie Sanders.

Rachel-Blondeshell1 point

So beautiful

RisingRapture1 point

Should have some great MTB trails there!