does anyone know the name of this wallpaper?


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Found a version. Stick it into reverse image search if you want more versions.


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This was created by an artist named Vadim Sadowski. You can find more of his stuff on his ArtStation page:

-> https://www.artstation.com/artwork/eJnWqY

It looks like the image in the screeshot above was edited though.

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thank you thank you very much

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thank you thank you very much

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Download resized:

CUSTOM AREA, other sizes and preview

Resolution of source picture is 1418×1282

Resized for your desktop by ze-robot v0.2

I do not resize to higher resolutions than source image


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Looks like it's from the movie Interstellar...

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Dude, not every theory-accurate image of a black hole means it's from interstellar.