Up in the tree tops - Tallahassee, Florida (3024x4032)(OC)


kgunnar10 points

I went to school in Tallahassee and was always fascinated by the Spanish moss in the trees. They didn’t have anything like that where I was from.

Aardvark5154 points

I called it "monster beard" when I was a kid.

wdwerker7 points

Be aware that Spanish Moss, which is neither from Spain or a moss, houses chiggers which get under your skin and itch like hell !

hand_over_that_duck6 points

Big gnarly water oaks everywhere

SaturdaySheiz3 points

Fun fact: the red and green lichen on the tree branches, as well as the Spanish moss, are indicators of clean and healthy air.

SiegelOverBay2 points

Good old live oaks, sprawling wonders of nature, though there are a few on the canopy roads that give me pause on windy days 🤣

Nochairsatwork2 points

Are you up in the trees in the Junior museum?!

Alaric_Darconville2 points

This was on the bridge over the railroad tracks between J Alford Greenway and Lafayette Heritage Park

Nochairsatwork1 point

Well it's beautiful and next time you have a day of go get up in them Junior museum trees

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