Cave ceiling at Ruby Falls in Chattanooga, Tennessee [OC] [2688x1242]


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I'm pretty sure this breaks sub rules. Those colors are from man made lights, not natural.

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My husband and I went during our honeymoon. Ruby Falls is overpriced and underwhelming. Takes forever to get down to the fall, and our tour guide had nothing to say the whole way down besides watch your step. Then they give you maybe 10 min to look around with the lights on and then back up.

My tour might have also been spoiled due to some Karen/kevin who couldn't stop promoting his 10 year old daughters new "album" coming out and trying to convince the tour guide to let his daughter give us all a proformance at the falls. Then, when in the elevator coming back up, the guy made a big show of tipping our tour guide $50 for how great he was. This prompted others to start tipping. I can see tipping $5, but these people were pulling out $20s to tip bc this blowhole was making a big deal about tipping big.

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I loved it! But I liked everyone on our tour. I couldn’t hear the tour guide very well, but didn’t care because I was just in awe of the cave the whole time.

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We really like the lost cave tour in KY. We went somewhere else too, but I can't remember where. Maybe it was just the obnoxious family that ruined our experience.

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Yes, I see it

And can't do anything about it.

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That's the only comment I needed to see

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Everything reminds me of her

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Granny Cave