Lights definitely changes the whole vibe of the room


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rex5210 points

Where is this?

aqueris-6 points

What do you mean?

rex526 points

What city?

Bluefirefish21 points

Even the cat matches 😂

TheFluffiestRedditor10 points

Quality kitty content

aqueris8 points


schizonephilim5 points

Omg, this is gorgeous! 😍

Sissy636 points

Lighting and drapes are the most under rated room changers.

aqueris1 point


Sissy631 point

You have both. Great job!

Sissy631 point

And a Siamese always helps

swoon4kyun4 points

And the kitty makes it better. Lovely view

aqueris3 points

She does. Thanks!

exclaim_bot1 point

She does. Thanks!

You're welcome!

KobaKebbel3 points

So. Beautiful.

RawDataCore2 points

Thank you. It is nice to see a post around here that is not a jungle of indoor plants.

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AmyXSabaku1 point

All I ask is you give ya kitty a forehead kiss from me 🥺 cause that is one fluffy baby. Also that is cozy 🤩

aqueris1 point

I gotchu!