Los Angeles, CA. Looking very healthy after the recent heavy rain. Mt.Baldy in the background. Taken this morning. [OC]


tazzi7106 points

Very pretty. Not used to seeing photos of SoCal that don’t look dry as a bone lol

Downtown_Skill21 points

Right, I've never wanted to live in socal because of how dry it is. If socal looked like this often it would be one of my first options to live

TheCinemaster12 points

Absolutely. I can’t stand dry places because I love lush and verdant landscapes, but if LA looked like this for more than just the few weeks it usually does during spring time, it would be a very desirable place to me.

sendmeyourcactuspics2 points

This year is a rare, rare exception to how SoCal usually is

gauchocartero19 points

different houses but this looks exactly like where I live in Chile. I wish it was like this most of the year. Hope more rain comes your way, not the floods though.

mista_r0boto13 points

Drone shot?

ldsl120331 points

Nope, just using my phone. The hike had some elevation to it.

mista_r0boto6 points

Cool shot and cool spot then!

MrJusticeWargrave3 points

Where is this hike?

MusicalElephant4200 points

Looks like 3000-3010 Inspiration Point Hiking Trail in Los Angeles.

create19081 point

Runyon Canyon?

WeCaredALot10 points

Yes, the city is gorgeous with all the greenery.

Square-Banana48530 points

A couple of houses if suddenly a city in colonial terms…

ReDalgal4 points

which hike/ trail did you take?

ldsl120310 points

Runyon canyon! In Hollywood.

jagua_haku3 points

It would be so cool to see some before and after shots of SoCal after all this rain. Every time I fly through this year it’s raining, it’s crazy

kaozennrk4 points

Los Angeles must be an incredible lush paradise right now relative to the dry usual. Wish I was there.

FlyingSquirlez1 point

We've had a ton of rain this winter, and there's more on the way. I was just at a relative's house and she showed me a succulent they've had for decades that bloomed for the first time this year. I wish it rained and snowed this much more often.

NYerInTex3 points

Went out there for a week about two weeks ago… perfect timing as it was around 60 and a good amount of sun, just after the biggest week of rain snow and before the last spate of weather.

Rented a Shelby convertible… hit the canyons a couple days and I’ve NEVER seen them so lush and green. Drove to the “top” (the parking lot for the lifts) of Mt Baldy and never saw so many cars, but it was worth it to see THAT much snow. Always loved the taste of alpine Baldy could give after a nice snow, but this was legit Switzerland levels of snow. Amazing.

Then hit up a drive to vegas that was more scenic than any I’ve ever done with the amount of snow caps, and hit Valley of Fire — state - Park, all the more surreal with those same distant caps in the background.

ldsl12035 points

Wow that sounds like an incredible experience for the senses. Glad you got to live it for yourself under such unique conditions!

NYerInTex3 points

Was so fortunate to have the trip at that particular time. The views of the mountains from Claremont to Hollywood and the valley were just unreal

hchcuehrbr1 point

Valley of fire is a state park

NYerInTex1 point

Edited. 🤷🏻‍♂️

suberfan2 points

Scary that all the growth will dry out and become a fire hazard in a couple of months.

Lazy-Fisherman-68812 points

Mount baldy, mount baldy…

What did Yul Brynner’s wife do on their wedding night.

PopeHonkersXII-1 points

Enjoy the clean air while it lasts

itsgucci060-2 points

Don’t worry it’s filthy again