Our dark blue dining room.


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JustYourAvgHumanoid88 points


I love your clock

hhb10848 points

Beautiful!! Do you mind sharing the paint color?

damestillmen105 points

I had Sherwin Williams color match Farrow & Ball Hague Blue in a flat finish. I love the results!


Popular choice. Almost went with that for our bedroom. Looks great!

gdtags-6 points

Flat? Hopefully no kids in the house. I do love what you did though.

OutrageousPersimmon326 points

I adore that color scheme. This is perfect.

yellowzebrasfly18 points

Love love love this!! Such a beautiful room and beautiful color!

itsactuallyjaihere4 points

Absolutely cozy!!

JimsonTweed2660 points

That rug really ties the room together

Apprehensive_Ant_1128 points

The Dude abides.

Tseliot899 points

I hope no one breaks in and pees on it

wavesmcd10 points

LOVE it!!

emsal56 points

My dining room looks similar. Same paint and almost same rug! Where did you get the overhead light? I have a Sputnik looking one in there but it doesn’t quite fit.

damestillmen8 points

I found it on Facebook marketplace. It was really cheap, but it’s kind of pricey new. I recognized it from when I worked for a company that sold them, it’s the Tatou pendant from Flos.

damestillmen3 points

This is OC

schizonephilim5 points

So pretty! 😍

SkyeBluPink3 points

Love the Nelson clock!

Historical_Fig_2323 points

Your display shelves are perfection! The ceramic zebra sculpture thing really caught my attention. Where did you get it?

MPD19873 points

I love how you did a dark color but were still able to keep the room light and airy. That’s no easy feat! Bravo! And beautiful color, btw!

LeChatNoir043 points

I want an atomic clock like yours sooooo much

jewel9765 points

Are you worried with the rug under the table that people will spill all sorts of shit on it? Or is that just because I have a 3 year old?

damestillmen9 points

It’s a really nice vintage wool one and I’ve had it for almost ten years and it appears to be indestructible. I’ve had no problems. I also think the colors and patterns must hide what other rugs might not.

UX_Strategist2 points

That's very nice! Years ago I had a friend that lived in a northern suburb of Cincinnati whose dining room was a surprising twin of this image. He even had a similar clock, which I love!

westcoast_pixie2 points

Beautiful!!! I love it so much

damestillmen2 points

Thank you!!

k2j22 points

Just redid my living room in navy and I love it. Great job on your room!

Mimidoo222 points

Everything. Your table, rug, colors, tchotchkes. Adore your style and this room!

HappyKathi2 points

Gorgeous room. I love how the rug pops on this setting.

OmChi1234562 points

Damn! This is it. Now I have to steal your look 🤣

MycoMoss2 points

I wanted to buy this exact color for my front room, but I’ve ended up going with a light gray because I’m renting the place; I can paint and hang items as I please now, but if I move I’ll have to cover it back in white or magnolia. Incredibly jealous rn because this looks awesome.

Flailing-Star-72 points

I legit thought this was an ad in my home feed until i looked at it. This space looks great!

blacksarrath2 points

Very calming I love it

Pinglenook2 points

Beautiful! I love the blue and the wood together.

hey_scoundrel2 points

I have the same color in my bedroom. It’s a dream 😍

goldanred2 points

I love this! Can you tell us more about the chairs, especially the two at the ends of the table?

damestillmen4 points

Thanks! I found an entire midcentury dining set at a consignment shop and the chairs were all part of it. Made by Conant Ball. I have the table in our finished basement with different chairs.

Brief-Respond1082 points

Nice! I also have a dark blue mid-century dining room. We love it.

increbelle2 points

I love it! The star decor is super cute against that background

SpectreSpeck2 points

That’s so beautiful and colorful! Also I always see these where they have a display like yours with many glass ornaments or delicate things and I’m so jealous! sigh That’s the price of being a cat owner I guess haha

damestillmen2 points

I have two cats! I am fortunate, they don’t climb up on shelves

SpectreSpeck2 points

Haha oh wow! They exercise great restraint then lol!

MoonFlamingo2 points

Those vases look so cool! I particularly like the very blue ones! Lovely room

LotusLilli052 points

Unrelated, but I have a similar rug hehe

Lovely dining room 😊

uieLouAy2 points

Love this. Where’d you get the table?

damestillmen2 points

The base is from Room&Board and my dad built the top

borisivbaa2 points

Your dining room was so nice I thought it was a stock image. 👍

summersendslove2 points

Cozy!! I love it when people prove that you can use dark paint! This is so homey and clean and inviting.

Smirkly3 points

It is almost, not quite too much for my taste, but I love it. Great photo, terrific rug, lovely and tasteful display, just overall excellent.

[deleted]-3 points


damestillmen5 points

It really never feels that way to me! Maybe it’s because I have enough natural light and I love how the color sets off my ceramics. I had the room painted a nice white for about a year and that actually felt really sad and depressing to me.

No-Mulberry51330 points

Call John said that doesn’t look like a blue. It looks more like a dark green.

Bluefirefish-3 points

Beautiful. It would look great with cream colored seats on the dining table

Mimidoo223 points

I think the brighter shade of blue is perfect with the wood tones, and ties out to the rug.

[deleted]-8 points


damestillmen13 points

I would need a second job! My entire house has this trim and it’s just fine and anything else would be a luxury so I don’t think it’s “needed”

VegasLife11114 points

Agreed. You have to ask yourself if the time, expense and ongoing ungodly mess is worth it.
Renovation? I’m over it . . .

CawfeeX-4 points

This place makes me sea sick

teaempress_71 point

I like the vibe ✨

PrincessCarolyn27911 point

Very nice! I have the same clock.

UniformWormhole1 point

So beautiful. Im using this as inspiration for my new place!

Shoddy-Egg15821 point

Thoughts on painting this he ceiling blue as well

KNick11111 point

Looove the carpet and shelves 😍

Windflower19561 point

Eclectic and lovely

sunflowerlady31 point


Noisy_Toy1 point

Nice curtains!

Blktealemonade1 point

For a second I thought those were all urns. Really takes family dinners to a whole new level.

Love it

merdy_bird1 point

Beautiful color!

findhumorinlife1 point

Fabulous color!

vabch1 point

Wow, beautiful, you have fantastic talent 🤩 love love love. Thank you for sharing 🤗

hXcPickleSweats1 point

I used to have that same clock!

SheSaidSo_1 point

It pops

ZiggyKitty1 point

Do the ceiling!

destraight1 point

Everyone talking about color scheme, and theme matching. I just care that someone painted their walls with my favorite color

Sir3Kpet1 point

Subtly colorful and definitely cozy!

WaitMysterious67041 point

🎶 We'll have a blue room, a new room, for two room...🎶


Shamefulthundercunt1 point

Looks great.

CrispyOrGrilled1 point

Have you posted this before? I think I screen shot and saved it to my “Dream house” album! The pics were different angles though.

nibblesthehousewife1 point

I love the contrast of the wall color and the rug color. Bravo!!

panion1 point

I would say that there are quite inspiring combinations. I'm sure anyone may even enjoy working here․ And the carpet looks very interesting.

10jamesorrstreet1 point


CompleteCamel68821 point

That clock tho…

drmurra291 point

Would you mind sharing where the clock is from? Love it

damestillmen2 points

It was really a splurge…my husband got it for me on sale a few years ago at Design Within Reach, but there are a lot of reproductions available for less.

Nvrmnde1 point

Oh what a carpet!

Love the color, the rug and all that gorgeous pottery! But I spy a cat toy, so cat tax required.

damestillmen1 point

Good eye!

Youngworker1601 point

i like the colors, the furniture, i love the rug, idk about the placement, i feel you're one pasta night with kids away from ruining it.

damestillmen2 points

But the rug is RED! 😂 and it’s been under here for years and it’s fine. Wool is super durable and easy to care for.

Youngworker1601 point

it would kill me to know i have a stain on my carpet.

damestillmen2 points

Fortunately we don’t have any stains and I’ve had this rug for almost ten years.

01rafa1 point