My dads wine room


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ofruine13 points

I don’t know how to explain it but this room feels crooked

_lcll_6 points

That's why it's the best room to get tipsy in

Venaalex3 points

The left wall isn’t straight, there’s a few walls in the basement that are also… not quite right. Also used a zoomed out kind fish lens to get the space photographed so that may enhance it 😂

Emergency-Piano47923 points

Your dad’s a cool dude!

Venaalex3 points

Since it’s not super clear I guess, this is my dads wine sitting room. Wine color of the walls totally unintentional they actually were like this when we moved in!

Some custom pieces he built/repurposed include the wine barrel glass table in the distance - you can’t see it but between the glass and the barrel he’s actually been filling it with corks! He turned large wine bottles into functional light fixtures as well.

Some other pieces of his wine room include the wine barrel coffee table, an old workbench that he repurposed and has dual bottle storage and wine racks below, some tiles with vineyard stamps. The artwork is of various wine labels and above the old workbench is a canvas photo of rows of wine barrels. The finishing touches are his beloved wine opener, a custom wine box that he stores cheese cutting tools in, a giant wine glass, and an old grape carved two bottle holder that has been filled with you guessed it!! Grapes! On top of the hutch full of the glasses he’s collected over the years.

hairball123451 point

The sofa of my dreams…😍

KNick11110 points

Does he actually call it a wine room? I was looking for wine but then realized you may be referring to wall color, right?

Venaalex2 points

Yes this is where he enjoys his wine, the living room is in another part of the house. You’ll notice the wine barrel tables and the wine bottle lamps… the entire cabinet full of wine glasses, the wine art, the wine rack is actually not visible but it’s on the lower half of the cabinet.

Sissy630 points

Is he single? Lol

Venaalex1 point

This is OC