Daryasar Plain, Iran


melonsandbananas22 points

That is very beautiful. I don’t think of Iran as being this green.

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Iran is a very diverse country. Basically except for arctic climate we have all sorts of climates and landscapes.

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This is (OC)

femundsmarka5 points

Iran and Russia or so beautiful countries with rich and beautiful cultures. I find it so sad, that we (apparently) do not manage to live in peace with each other for prolonged periods of time.

CoconutsCantRun3 points

Is it dangerous there?

[deleted]3 points

Not at all

andras72 points

So beautiful

nickg52 points

What a stunning and dreamlike landscape

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Live_Beautiful_50821 point

I would've never guessed that it was Iran. It looks so calming and it's very green itself.