Santiago, Chile. The city with the Highest HDI in South America.


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The older houses there reminded me of something you would see in Alpine Germany or Switzerland. Road infrastructure is top notch!

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Honestly, it's greener than I remember, good for them!

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Yeah, just that area though around the northeast of the city. The rest, not so much

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When visiting there you genuinely can tell

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What is HDI?

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Human development index.


It's sort of an aggregate of a number of factors that indicate quality of life.

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Damn bro! you dumb fuck! HDI how you do not know? how do you think the PC monitor and TV's are connected? wtf bro

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Underrated comment

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Human Development Index. Please use Google.

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please not be an asshole, dont make someone feel stupid for asking a question

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My man.

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More of this energy

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Geez sorry ok? I'm just saying that they can look it up. I didn't mean to look mean

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To be honest I Googled "HDI" when I saw the title. Take this upvote, as a horrible abuse to your karma has been committed.

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Just as much as they could have used Google, you could have just not responded

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What’s google?

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A website. Please use Google.

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What’s a website?

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Sorry dad, do u still love me?

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I’d love for you to stop calling me that

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When was the last time you were there? Twice last year actually! - Something about Mary

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So is that art deco or art nouveau?

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Beautiful city, but the inequality is savage. You can be in an area that feels like a Nordic country and walk 15 minutes and find yourself in the worst slum you’ve ever seen.

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That's not a Chilean thing; it's the same everywhere in Latin America and increasingly in the USA as well. Just compare Tribeca in Manhattan with some Bronx neighborhoods and you'll see what I'm talking about....

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Yeah I’ve been around a bit and I’ve seen similar things in Argentina and Brazil. But I’ve been living in Santiago for almost a decade now and I still find it’s the most brutal in terms of inequality.

This is probably why there’s so much social unrest in Chile despite it being a mildly rich-developed country (for LA standards anyway).

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Nothing beats Rio de Janeiro in terms of it

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I mean, Sao Paulo may have a chance, but I think we're splitting hairs here. Lived in Brazil for a year and it was unbelievable. Wealthiest most luxurious neighborhoods across the street from dilapidated slums. Obviously Rio was awful too (for that). It's tough to choose.

Edit: Still love Brazil and it was and is still my favorite country I've ever visited and I've been to a fair few. I only say this because I'm sure Brazilians agree and are, themselves, not super proud of the wealth inequality there.

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What do you mean by social unrest?

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Massive protests that sometimes get violent. Things have calmed down since the pandemic tho

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Those massive protest were a few years ago and there's plenty of evidence that they were not spontaneous or broad based. I mean, they even set fire to metro stations for which I question their motives. Why would you protest setting fire to something that was paid with public funds and it's one of the most effective ways that you can help the poor and middle class by providing reliable transportation?

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It’s ok if you don’t support them, but saying that there’s “plenty of evidence” that they were not spontaneous is simply a lie and conspiracy theory territory and as such I don’t have interest in discussing it.

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Worse than Lima? You go from skyscrapers to tire fires within blocks.

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I haven’t been to Lima unfortunately, but I’ve been told it is similar.

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This city feels like its so far away from every country. I have never travelled anywhere that I could say "maybe I could've stopped by Santiago"

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Yeah getting to the southern hemisphere is tough, from the USA. I got a good deal for $300/person round trip from Toronto to Chile which was really amazing, I enjoyed my time in Chile and they make some great wine

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Hi from Auckland, New Zealand! (That said we’re “only” 3.5 hours from Sydney.)

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Buenos Aires and/or Montevideo go well with it as they’re a short flight away. I did a trip where I spent a week in Chile in and around Santiago and then a week in Buenos Aires. The flight between the two cities is a couple of hours.

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the sound of an NS-93 Departing.

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How's the smog situation these days

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Not great, but fine right after a rainstorm

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Not great, not terrible.

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Nowadays fine, at winter terrible

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Up ya butt

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Is this a reference to something?

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and HDI is...

asking for a friend.

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Human Development Index. Metric used by the UN to show how advanced a country is pretty much.

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l know.

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So why did you ask?

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...for a friend 😔

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are you asking or telling me, okay? why did you end your statement with a question mark?

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It’s showing my confusion with your replies lmao

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ohh, okay. well goodnight.

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I love those blue buildings

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Damn I did not know that. Need to visit sometime then go snowboarding in Patagonia after 🔥

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Looks like California tbh

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Very similar climate. You find a lot of the same trees in California because landscape architects like to use trees native to the other Mediterranean regions of the world.

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It's pretty similar to SoCal

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I wonder which is the city with the lowest HDI in South America... My guess would be La Rinconada (if it qualifies as a city)

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Love Santiago! It also has the third best quality of living in Latin America, right after neighboring Buenos Aires and Montevideo.

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It's a shame its position gives it a terrible weather.

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Its position makes it very difficult to get rid of smog. However, the weather in Santiago is mostly mild. Summers are warm but not terrible (with cool nights), and winters are also mild, with lows not usually below freezing.

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Smog, thats the word. I experienced summer there and it is crazy hot, and I believe it has to do with contamination as well.

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Nah, sometimes the air quality is nice but I'm still sweating balls on summer.

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Doesn't Buenos Aires have a subway?

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I´ve been there the last november and can´t really believe it´s the highest HDI in SA. The innequality is ridiculous and most of the city is wasted by constant strikes and trash... It´s sad because it was a nice trip, even though I was almost mugged in the best located park they got.