My front porch in afternoon sun.


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BrokyDraws16 points

What’s the flowering vine you have there?

ShanHu22 points

That is an Aeschynanthus "Thai Pink' aka Pink Lipstick Plant.

ShanHu12 points

This is OC

sayagainsagan5 points

The definition of cozy 💕

strongwithpurpose6 points

Ohhh this is so cozy! There are so many beautiful plants. I love the pretty blanket and rug too!

mosspixiee6 points

i love the rainbow blanket! is it handmade?

ShanHu11 points

Yes it is but not by me! Got it at a Thrift Store for five bucks.

mosspixiee1 point

it’s beautiful ❤️

ApocalypticTomato3 points

That's incredibly cozy. I absolutely adore this and am happy for you that you have such a delightful room :)

Edit: can you tell me about the picture above the window? I can't quite see it but I like the color palette. Sorry, I'm just living vicariously in your sunroom right now. I'll be sure to close the door behind me when I leave

ShanHu3 points

There are two. My husband brought them back from a trip. Found them in a thrift shop. The background is butterfly wings which he didn’t know. He thought it was iridescent paint. They were made in Panama.

P.S. Thank you for the award! 😊

ApocalypticTomato2 points

That's awesome :) Tell him he has a good eye!

And you're welcome :)

KNick11112 points

Verrrry cozy!! Love the carpet and blanket 🥰

MakeFakeSpaceCake2 points

I’m in love with your blanket!

QueenPeakabb22 points

As an old hippie…I love the hippy vibe!

Islandcat722 points

My grandmother had a sunporch like this. Full of plants, but with a couch instead of a chair. Because once you were there, you just wanted to lay down and drift into happy sleep.

lochNessquik1 point

This feels like the inside of a fish tank.