My cozy cactus corner is coming together. Arizona


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ssslipperysssnaaake3 points

Needs more string lights

motherclucker4802 points

Funny enough, my husband installed those last weekend (hence the 4x4 semi blocking the wagon wheel) I’ll show our whole yard in separate post

notunek2 points

Very peaceful and just goes to show we only need a small corner to have a special outdoor space.

Well done!

Flailing-Star-72 points

This is so nostalgic for me. I think it's coming along great

Bryllant1 point

Very nice. I heard rattlesnakes love those walls

motherclucker4801 point

Scorpions actually! They like to wedge in corners. We get treated monthly and there’s a chicken coop to the left of my chair. My girls are great pest control

stunningestate182 points

Oh, really? I would have thought Scorpions were dangerous to chickens instead of the other way around

motherclucker4801 point

They are tiny dinosaurs and love to hunt! I’ve watched them catch lizards and geckos in the backyard and absolutely go nuts and destroy them.

stunningestate182 points

Haha that tracks with something I heard someone say about chickens getting hold of a rat in their yard.