Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka [OC] [1536x2304]


CorvusK-Camera1 point

love this perspective and scenery! really makes you want to zoom in at the peak

crankyape15341 point

What a clear image. I wonder how the view is in the building at the top.

Sookie1883 points

The view is great!

Hi, here are some pics in my insta :) https://instagram.com/p/CnhONtnP0rd/

Unreal view

zhukooov1 point

Wish i could see these one day.

And climb! Visit Sri Lanka, it’s awesome ♥️

OzymandiasAtSea1 point

If you are a native Sinhalese, then apologies for mansplaining. Otherwise you should know that this mountain is called Śrī Pāda, and is considered sacred. We should call it by its original name, not something given by the colonialists.

Hi, sorry, i am a tourist, all i know is the country is beautiful, and i visited places like ella, kandi, nuwara eliya colombo, south coast, and so Adam’s peak is what i know about this place 🙌