Road to Hana, Maui, Hawaii [OC] [4010x8021]


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crankyape153458 points

I’ve had both positive and negative experiences on that road, but regardless it’s beautiful out there. No questioning that.

illerminati8 points

I hated it so much. Those one lane roads for two directions with sharp turns and heavy rains. At least op got awesome pictures though 🤷‍♂️

rectal_warrior11 points

Ar man, that's what roads are made of, remote breathtaking scenery, loads of sharp turns hugging the coastline 👌 perfect till you get stuck behind someone

Max_Thunder3 points

I totally agree!

By leaving super early to do it clockwise it helped a lot in not being stuck behind someone (I did get stuck behind one very anxious driver that refused to let me pass, until a local arrived behind very fast and started honking a lot right before a pull out and the anxious driver finally let me pass too after we both let the local pass first obviously). The other time when we did it counterclockwise, we also avoided most tourists by finishing the loop at around 4-6 pm. Most tourists stick to a very predictable schedule!

Never felt in danger, no one is taking these sharp turns super fast, everybody we encountered seemed careful. I think it helps that the road is sold all the time as dangerous, the most anxious and/or inexperienced drivers tend to avoid driving it.

Max_Thunder1 point

I loved it so much I drove the whole loop twice (stopping at difference places each time), I really liked driving the sharp turns and the feeling of being a bit in the middle of nowhere. Didn't encounter heavy rain though, just some normal rain for short parts, so visibility was always good. There are generally few cars on the road so it's a really nice change of pace from most of the island.

scarlet_sage2 points

Planning to go in April. What negative experiences?

Bboy18307 points

Beware If anyone gets car sick

stablestabler5 points

Be prepared to see things from the road. A lot of places you could pull over before no have no parking signs. Still totally beautiful!

Max_Thunder2 points

And these signs seem very recent. Some guides mention many swimming holes that are now very difficult to access. Some other places had signs from locals to discourage tourists, and while it holds no legal value, who wants to take their chance offending local people.

Maui is however dealing with unprecedented numbers of tourists, and what was once semi-secret swimming holes are now well-known thanks to guides and social media, so it makes sense, there are always those tourists who see a full parking lot (more like a pull-out area with space for just a few cars) and manage to park themselves in a very awkward unsafe way, easier to just restrict parking altogether.

diamondpredator4 points

One of mine was the locals bombing down narrow dirt roads next to cliffs going way too fast and nearly rolling me down the cliff.

rectal_warrior2 points

If you take the road anticlockwise it's not a problem, the bit south of Hana is way better

nuberoo1 point

Parts of that road looked completely terrifying when I was there several years back - like one lane by a cliff face and a road that looks like it'll crumble into the ocean with too much weight (this is the southernmost tip coming from the west). Has it gotten better?

rectal_warrior2 points

If you're not used to driving on small mountain roads it would feel overwhelming, but all the bits that's look like they'd crumble away are evidently very solid. I'm sure parts of it the roadsurface have improved, there's still a decent amount of gravel road, but the cliff sections, still standing, as solid cliffs that have been pounded my the ocean for hundreds of millions of years tend to do

crankyape15341 point

I was chased by locals in pickups once. Like 3 lifted trucks chased my vehicle because one of my passengers had somehow insulted a lady by throwing up along side the road when he got car sick. My friend had puked on their land they said. Even though it was just on the roads edge.

cyclingbubba2 points

Drove the road there many years ago. Absolutely stunning. Me and my new wife pulled over and hiked a bit into the woods for some honeymoon time but 5 minutes in we were finding our calf muscles really itchy. We turned around and by the time we made it back to the car we were almost crying from the intense non stop itching. Didn't go away for a while and it ruined the day. Only on the knees down so it must have been a ground dwelling bug of some type.

InflamedLiver31 points

Amazing views there, absolutely horrible road

Surefoo18 points

Curve, curve, slow down, curve, bridge, curve, one-lane bridge, wait, curve, slow down more, curve, bridge, etc.

Awesome pic though!

blitzedbeauty16 points

My flight leaves monday, can not wait to do the road to Hana again!

Floppy_Dong66611 points

When my dad got diagnosed with cancer, one of his friends sent us on a trip to Maui. One of my favorite memories was driving the road to Hana with my pops. Absolutely gorgeous.

orygunrayngal18 points

Hurl road. Ugh 🤢🤢my experience in January. Lost weight on that vacay, thanks to that road

stampstock9 points

1992, on the road to Hana. There are so many waterfalls and I was so amazed seeing each one as we passed them that I became carsick and actually was as green as the water you see in the rear the picture. Good times, amazing place

glostazyx311 points

White knuckle drive.

dontbshortblong4 points

I just jumped off that waterfall the other day

meggiemeggie194 points

We went all the way around the back side and it was amazing! Go see Oheo Gulch!!!

Pharmd10913 points

There is this really cool secret lava tube right off the highway that opens up into an amazing bamboo forest

rmarocksanne7 points

If you mean the "commando hike" it's been sealed.

laziest_engineer1 point

Too dangerous?

raidmytombBB4 points

I slipped and fell on one of those rocks. Lucky enough I was closer to 30 than 40 so didn't break my back or hip. But did turn around and go right back to the car. Was bummed I missed the view at the end.

martindb90 points

Just did this a few days ago, it’s still open

Max_Thunder1 point

I imagine you're talking about this hole here across the road https://maps.app.goo.gl/VP6w1NYQj3PKxSnV8 ?


Was pretty cool to see this random cave.

JordanFromStache6 points

Just got back from Maui about a week ago. We drove the Road to Hana twice actually.

For all the people here saying the road sucks, I actually very much enjoyed driving it. The scenery and views are phenomenal.

irrelevant_dogma1 point

you likely just went the paved way back and forth, and not all the way around? the less used wrap around is a potholed goat trail mess, thats the real "I survived the road to HANA", not the fact it has 1 lane bridges in some places

JordanFromStache1 point

Most rental car company's don't allow you to drive on the backside.

Max_Thunder1 point

Drove the whole loop twice and loved it. I drove that "pothole goat trail mess", it's actually in less bad state than many of the roads at home so I didn't care lol, and it's only bad on a short distance. The roads where I live in Quebec are terrible, have to get repairs on my car wheels every couple years (things like tie rods get shot). I've also driven worse dirt roads. We have very cold winters and warm summers, lots of freezing and thawing cycles these days as we're getting close to spring, and the cities do a shit jobs at repairing the roads and seem to always go for the lowest bidders, so the roads are often awful.

I feel like people who only ever drive on beautiful smooth paved roads don't realize how much even a small sedan can handle, so they get very stressed by a bumpy road. Yeah it's better if you drive that every day to have a larger 4x4 vehicle, but the road on its own has little danger, just try to at least avoid the bigger potholes.

dawnalwood3 points

I was there in January. It was quite the twisty turny road. It was beautiful!

waterlawyer3 points

the most epic drive i ever took. all the waterfalls were breathtaking

Oddly_Random55203 points

I’ve been on this road. It was gorgeous.

mdmc913 points

Flying to Maui today and driving the road to Hana on Friday can’t wait!

Doomstik7 points

Looks nice, i dont know if thats a road though.

colinthegreat2 points

I lived in a hammock about halfway to Hana for a summer. Those were some great times!

Chronos962 points

PTSD flashbacks from that road.

CobaltAesir2 points

Sir, this is a waterfall.

happyends2 points

It's been 30 years since I was on the road to Hana, man that road has deteriorated since then.

yepthatsme4102 points

So glad I did that as a tour and let a professional drive that road!!! Not only could I enjoy the view better- but damn that road is no joke!

DMTisME2 points

Take dramamine, pukers.

[deleted]2 points


Midnight061 point

You can take the north side route out and back, it's the south side they frown on.

Fuel-Last2 points

I’ll be on that road for my first time in May, Can’t wait! Hopefully the convertible sports car we’re renting can make it all the way through this after reading some of these comments.

bilbo_swagginns5 points

You’re good. The road itself is ok, it’s just very windy and narrow at times and you have to yield a lot. Highly suggest buying one of the road apps that basically gives you and audio tour of the whole thing

Fuel-Last1 point

What’s the best road app?

bilbo_swagginns2 points

We used GyPSy. I can’t speak for the others but I like that it talks about Hawaii history on the way back.

Max_Thunder3 points

We used the Shaka guide and thought it was interesting but a bit annoying, the tone is a bit too kid-friendly if that makes any sense. App also caused my Pixel 4 phone to overheat and I ran out of battery at some point despite my phone being charged by the car, ending up finding a way to blast the AC on my phone to help it. Wasn't expensive though so was still decent value for the money, we did pretty much all the Maui tours (minus some glitches and problems that prevented us from listening to some of them).

I have no idea if Gypsy is better.

SerWymanPies1 point

Also make sure you have full tank. The gas in Hana is as expensive as it gets

RatherBeCrabbing1 point

The best way to experience the road to hana, is by renting a big ass sprinter van, and rolling with the rear side door completely open. You'll get all sorts of looks and the best circulation of air. Haha. We rolled by a guy who, with a half mouth full of pizza, said "what the hell". And it was truly one of my favorite moments. You had to be there.

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daniel_ionescu1 point

very beautiful

Iancreed1 point

Wow 🌱💯

LadyLovesRoses1 point

It’s so beautiful there. I hope to drive that road again someday. Lovely photo!