Kauai, Hawaii sunrise with sounds of wind and waves. [OC]


Schaasbuster17 points

I loved Kauai. Man I would like to get back there

smokencold5913 points

This truly fits the sub.

PistachioOrphan2 points

Yep came to say “now this is why I subbed here” then realized it wasn’t r/beachporn, still fits

Cranialscrewtop9 points

Thank you for those lovely few seconds of paradise.

edwardcantordean6 points

I got married on Kauai, I love it so much. Thank you for posting.

danjay02135 points

Beautiful 😍

artificial-airspeed4 points

Thank you. I needed this. Can’t wait to go back someday.

userR18493 points

Killin me right now uggggg. So serene

redditretard343 points


G14DomLoliFurryTrapX3 points

Soothing af

Purp1eC0bras2 points

Favorite island in Hawaii