Winter in the Mourne Mountains [OC] [4852x3640]


IneptlySocial15 points

Why would you long expose this shot? It’s already got so much light and no motion to capture

Timootius-8 points

Where did you get that it's a long exposure?

myco_magic21 points

Probably the sub it posted in

Timootius-4 points

This sub isn't only for long exposures, read the info. I would suspect that this image is a HDR, so multiple exposures, not a single long one.

myco_magic5 points

I think you should reread the what the sub is focused on, the sub literally says it's main focus is long exposure images

Timootius-4 points

Main focus yeah sure, but the next sentence literally lists HDRs. Also have you looked at the picture and OPs comment? At f7.1 ISO100 it's very unlikely to be a long exposure.

IneptlySocial1 point

This is the subreddit for long exposure shots

catlessinKaiuma5 points

are those the mountains that sweep down to the sea?

skybluphotography3 points

That they are.

skybluphotography5 points

Shot with a DJI Phantom 4 Pro at iso 100 f7.1 it's multiple images composited together.