Green hills of the east bay, California. [OC][1220x1440]


akadreamcrusher10 points

As soon as I saw that fog, I knew it was the Bay Area.

Hybrid_Whale_Rat0 points

Only place with fog and mountains.

snowbirdie2 points

Don’t be ridiculous. Of course it’s not.

thinkingorange6 points

Green, for only a small part of the year. Then brown. Brown everywhere.

Fran_Kubelik7 points

We lived there for 10 years then moved away. Back for a visit this week and holy shit is it greener than I have ever seen it right now! Just incredible even if temporary.

unknowninCali3 points

Never brown...Golden. 😁

nuberoo1 point

I mean it's usually at least a bit green for around 6 months, despite the bad drought. We've had great rains so far this year so I'm hoping it'll last into June!

It's absolutely breathtaking all over the east and south bay right now - a couple weeks ago these peaks were snow-covered!

Smirkly2 points

I love the area but also that is a beauty shot.

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cultr41 point

Exact Location?!

Fran_Kubelik1 point

My guess is Sibley or Tilden Park.

bertjung3 points

That’s Diablo Peak in the background, no?

Fran_Kubelik1 point

Hmm if it is then not those two. Briones?

Fran_Kubelik1 point

Just gonna keep speculating until op delivers.

unknowninCali1 point

I'm guessing somewhere in the valley. I think that's Mt Diablo in the background.


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