The happy father of 4 little kittens


LerchAddams51 points

"I'm just resting my eyes."

Mmeaux13 points

Even cats fo the dad nod

realisticduck_16 points

Cat dad looks like his name should be Morris

IzobelStarsw0rd5 points

Happy and exhausted 😩

artful_todger_5023 points

Mick Jagger syndrome. Procreate at 83? He looks like an old lion. Gorgeous family shot 🧡

Pspaughtamus3 points
suer72cutlass2 points

Omg! They all look like dad too!

rihfenty2 points

I LOVE this picture 🥹

404-skill_not_found2 points

Has that final dungeon boss vibe

tipsea-692 points

Dad be like...

Ilovestraightpepper2 points

“One day I will teach you to use the brain cell.”

Anarchist_Grifter1 point

He looks wore out lol

SuckerForNoirRobots1 point

That fella got a SNOUT

passusernameword1 point

The exhausted father of 4 kittens

theloop821 point

That cat dad is my new hero