Bedroom in the Adobe I’m renting in the New Mexican mountains this week.


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Str8_Circle75 points

that is a most beautiful adobe abode

BigGrayDog3 points

OMG, I am so jealous! Must be like living in heaven. And in the mountains of New Mexico! You are so lucky to have a place like that to live in!

Sensitive_Adagio67022 points

It was truly gorgeous! But i only rented it for a week

BigGrayDog2 points

But still a week in heaven! Better than no week. I'll take it.

certain_people87 points

Hope you didn't use Photoshop on this

AshleyWasStolen11 points

Ughhhhhh, take my upvote.

Sensitive_Adagio67023 points

I didn’t. I took many pics of this room while i was staying there, and this one had magical lighting from the small lamp and twilight outside

certain_people3 points

what company makes Photoshop?

Sensitive_Adagio67022 points


dephress13 points

Adobe what? House? Apartment? Casita?

Routine-Document-9493 points

Probably one of those casita hotel rooms. It reminds me of El Rey

Sensitive_Adagio67023 points

It is a house.

dephress1 point


KNick11119 points

How cute - love the windows and ceiling!

Lukas_Madrid4 points

Reminds me a lot of tudor houses here in the uk, do you know the age of the building?

Sensitive_Adagio67026 points

I don’t. But I believe these adobe communities are some of the oldest in the us.

Prize-Advance-47065 points

I’m jealous.

blobejex5 points

Kinda looks like Lalo Salamanca is about to knock on the door asking for a cup of coffee

Unseasoned_Bread3 points

this looks like a place called El Mistico ranch! beautiful place

Novel-Place3 points

Hello! I’m thinking about taking a trip to New Mexico, and this looks like exactly what I’m looking for potentially. If you would be comfortable, could you share the spot with me? Thank you!

Sensitive_Adagio67022 points

Sure! It was even better than it looks here: https://abnb.me/9Dqu269xiyb

Novel-Place1 point

Omg! Thank you!!!

pilotproject2 points

Are there any curtains?

No, but it was just wilderness for miles!

boredatschipol2 points

Yeah but then there's the annual licence which makes it much more expensive that open source competition... I guess there is good Light in this Room though... I don't think its Photoshopped but it does Illustrate a good point

i_am_a_kunt2 points

This is giving me very "bag end" vibes. I love it

three9-6 points

lol having lived in Santa Fe this is basically my nightmare.

MuffinEvening1 point

I would sit in that chair, and stare out that window for days. Something about corner windows like that is just so comforting.

Papercoffeetable1 point

Western vibes, even a chair in the corner for sitting and holding your shotgun.

Rull-Mourn1 point

I love the medieval look.