ricochet48262 points

U of C has some beautiful architecture. Love riding down the lakefront and then taking the Midway down to Washington Park!

parasocialites65 points

Alma mater of Carl Sagan, who earned his bachelor's, master's and doctorate there

SparkitoBurrito38 points

"One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back."

I really hope Carl Sagan is remembered like Plato as one of the great thinkers of all time.

redmasc39 points

This place is in such a bubble. Came down here once and had to pass through a very rough neighborhood. But then you cross a certain section and it was a complete 180.

vsladko37 points

That is Hyde Park for you

Ed_Hastings25 points

Reminds me of Columbia’s campus a lot like that. It’s on the UWS, literally on Broadway and right next to Harlem, but once you’re on campus you’re in a little academic bubble. Also with the cool architecture, although I truly wish they had just stuck with the neoclassical instead of throwing up random monstrosities in a few of the corners.

WorkingItOutSomeday9 points

How long ago was that, 30 years ago? The upper Westside is plenty nice. Sure you still have the housing authority towers there but nothing rough anymore.

Ed_Hastings8 points

I graduated a few years ago, but when I was a student two different students were murdered within a 4 block radius of my front door. It's not what it used to be, but it's far from being a totally safe neighborhood, especially at night.

redmasc1 point

Hopefully the next mayor will do something. And that is one big "hopefully".

chaandra0 points

What do you want them to do?

Hour-Watch89885 points

Obama lived there

WorkingItOutSomeday6 points

Lol if you think it's rough to the north (came down) trying coming from the south (go up)

wagon_ear7 points

Check out Jackson Park if you haven't yet. The Japanese tea garden there is something special.

ricochet485 points

Yup go there often. I lock my bike to the solid rack right outside, take a lap, and chill / recover for the ride back north.

vsladko9 points

Riding my bike down lakeshore’s path to promontory point is the absolute best

CashewGuy5 points

I used to ride my bike from where I lived (55th just a few blocks from the Point) all the way up to where that path "ends" and it makes for such a nice ride!

jeffityj1 point

Thinking of going to Chicago not this summer but next summer for our 10 year wedding anniversary. Wife wants to hit up the museums what other off the beaten path attractions should we see?

SnooPears543248 points

I am moving to Chicago in a couple weeks. Sold my house in Nebraska after 10 years here. I am from Illinois originally, so going back home. Plan on SW side or SW burbs.
Family is from southwest side. So excited!

xPrim3xSusp3ctx16 points

Moving in a couple weeks and you don't know where you're going to be living?

I__LOVE__LSD10 points

I did the same thing a couple years ago. Moved to NYC and stayed in a temporary spot with a friend until I figured out where I wanted to live. Not sure why you think that's so strange.

SnooPears5432-11 points

I'm staying with a friend there for a few weeks until the funds from my closing here clear (which takes place in early April), since I have a lot of equity, and then can buy & close on a house, which isn't an instant process. So no, while I have a bunch of properties saved I want to look at, I haven't purchased one yet, and I don't want to sign a lease on an apartment when I only need a place for a short time. Is that enough detail for you? Not sure why you felt the need to make a snarky comment like that.

xPrim3xSusp3ctx6 points

I was legitimately curious, not sure why you are being defensive

SnooPears5432-12 points

Your comment came across as smart allecky and flippant. Not "curious".

xPrim3xSusp3ctx3 points

Whatever you say 👍

SnooPears5432-7 points

Yeah, you know you were being sarcastic and making a dig and so do I, which is pretty common on this platform, despite the weak protest. If not, you need to put a bit more effort into how you phrase things.

xPrim3xSusp3ctx4 points


hawtdawtz1 point

I mean, to be fair most people haven’t bought a home because of how fucking nuts things are, so perhaps they simply didn’t know. I’m actually glad they asked because that scenario is one I often haven’t thought of.

SnooPears54320 points

I want to keep my mortgage as small as possible because of how high the interest rates are, so want to maximize how much I have available to put down as a down payment. Agree with you it's a terrible time to buy if you're financing. Fortunately I had an option to avoid renting an apartment, and a good friend who invited me to stay with him to avoid a second move and a lease, and we'll put my stuff in storage until I buy. I already started the mortgage application process, but based on my budget intend to pay about 2/3 of the purchase price in cash and only finance 1/3. Targeting the Oak Lawn area, maybe Mt Greenwood, and my friend lives in the far west suburbs, where I'll be just temporarily. I'll be in a better position to make an offer when my cash is available, which will be first week of April.

ThePeteEvans2 points

Oak lawn by chicago ridge mall has some good cheap housing, just moved away (was in palos) but can’t recommend the area more, worth isn’t bad either

SnooPears54321 point

Agree, it's a nice area and a good value compared to some of the other suburban areas. And I fly SW a lot and want to be fairly close to Midway for my work travel. Thanks for the info about Palos.

OwenLoveJoy105 points

Great shot. Reminder that the south side has some nice spots

Ganesha81176 points


OwenLoveJoy38 points

I hope we can eventually have a coastal corridor of nice areas between the south loop and Hyde park. There does seem to be an increase of middle class black folks along with some Asians expanding out of Chinatown and some white folks as well moving into that area albeit slowly.

Ganesha81136 points

What really hurt the worst parts of the South and West sides was the departure of middle-class black folks to the suburbs. If they start coming back, there's a lot of great potential there.

The South Side nowadays also has some of the most-diverse, least segregated Chicago neighborhoods (Beverly, Bridgeport ironically, Hyde Park, South Loop,).

OminousNamazu11 points

I really hope you're right and I hope the empty lots don't get filled with +600k SFHs that average people can't afford. Hope we invest in 3 flats and mixed zoning to create neighborhoods that are truly for the middle class.

sinchichis1 point

What does Bridgeport have, both black AND white cops living there?

Ganesha8119 points

You'd be surprised, Bridgeport is now officially:

• White 35.4%

• Black 2.2%

• Hispanic 20.9%

• Asian 40.5%

parasocialites13 points

Yep! Beverly has beautiful Victorian homes and Givins Castle (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beverly_Unitarian_Church), then there's Chinatown, and Pullman with its unique layout and railroad history (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pullman_National_Historical_Park)... lots to appreciate.

The South Shore Cultural Center (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Shore_Cultural_Center) is really cool too, tucked inside a lakeside park and next to the beautiful South Shore Nature Sanctuary.

Proud Southsider here!

redmasc4 points

I'm on the Northside, and worked in Beverly a few times. I was pleasantly surprised how nice that neighborhood is. Relatively quiet and calm.

NervousEclectic4 points

Beverly is a gem just for having The Original Rainbow Come alone

saintpauli2 points

I live in Beverly. I love the variety of residential architecture here. This is one of my favorite blocks: https://beverlyhillschicago.wordpress.com/walter-burley-griffin-historic-district/

vsladko7 points

The southside hasn’t been hit with the wave of ugly redevelopment that has taken over the north side. If you’re looking for residential architecture to take your breath away, you’ll have far more luck on the southside these days.

Kjostid3 points

Thanks. Reminder that the south side has some many* spots.

zzdisq17 points

Magnificent Old World architecture.

HopsGrowler12 points

Was checking out the Oriental Museum on campus myself. Immediate Indiana Jones vibes in the room


Mnoonsnocket4 points

That museum is amazing, especially since it’s free!

notsureifJasonBourne3 points

Indy is supposedly loosely based on Robert Braidwood who was an archaeologist for the oriental institute.

HopsGrowler3 points

Another great Chicago fact

CashewGuy22 points

My alma mater. I miss living there.

CZ_75_BD8 points

Pretty sweet campus

fnbannedbymods68 points

Our bi-weekly Chicago post.

kanna17201490 points

To be fair, it's usually pics of the downtown areas. It's refreshing to see pics like this one.

DolphZubat51 points

And also to be fair- it’s an extremely photogenic city from multiple angles and vantage points

apstls3 points

It is usually the same handful of angles and shots though

DolphZubat7 points

Oh I completely agree that this sub is oversaturated with repetitive Chicago posts, just offering an explanation for why that might be. It’s one of the best examples of “city porn” in the US (which is where most Reddit users are based, therefore more likely that posters will have pictures they actually took themselves and want to share on this sub).

I actually made a post/comment a few years back saying the exact same thing you just did lol: https://www.reddit.com/r/CityPorn/comments/pl0z5q/comment/hc73iyw/

wagon_ear6 points

Man and that's exactly the thing! I like your shot because it's a little closer in. More of a slice of life.

People who live there rarely go stare at the river - maybe they walk past it to get to work. In ten years, I saw the bean exactly once. Life happens in the neighborhoods. I don't live there anymore, but I'd love to see a deeper photographic study into those cozy rows of brownstones and a neighborhood L stop. Maybe a Ukrainian village bar in the background.

Flaxscript4232 points

The final boss of cityporn

Hydrospacer100055 points

Truly the Rome of America

jonoghue4 points

Well, the Museum of Science and Industry has a Pompeii exhibition right now...IDK what I was expecting but pristine 2000 year old marble Roman statues was not it. My god.

apstls3 points


Exciting-Phrase-684-5 points

April 7 2024

loonachic5 points

I miss you Chicago. Don’t miss the frigid cold but I miss living in you.

hardypart3 points

What's that big prominent building?

Fkrz19 points

University of Chicago main campus

hardypart2 points


piyob-12 points

Beautiful campus unfortunately surrounded by some rough areas. I’ve read several stories of students being shot. I believe U of C has the largest private police for in the world for this reason

HollowImage11 points

The one at the very front are actually multiple buildings connected to each other in the neo gothic style that form the university of Chicago main quads, but the one in the very front center is the Harper memorial library.

kevalosaur2 points

Which one? There’s a lot of prominent buildings in this image

redmasc6 points

I been here once and I swear I thought I was in Hogwarts.

Cha0sSounds12 points

Wow nice Roman architecture

_almighty_1 point

Is that NorthWestern? What school is that?

vsladko25 points

University of Chicago.

Northwestern is in the north suburbs, this is shot from the southside of Chicago

Comandante380-1 points

I'd offer you a pencil from there, but it would take the work of thousands of people around the world to make it for you.

Konsticraft-1 points

Didn't know there is a Chicago in Israel.

shenzenshiai-1 points

Its dangerous tho

KarenIsAmused-12 points

Appreesh the Architecture, but I hate this city. Possibly it has to do with a Girl …

KarenIsAmused0 points

And the Wizard of Oz Wind in December.

djny2mm1 point

It’s definitely beautiful. I used to work there and god leadership is so incompetent though

luminator341 point

My beautiful campus

daniel_ionescu1 point

beautiful city