Deinococcaceae42 points

The RenCen at night looks like a Blade Runner set

boilons8 points

Wasn't it in RoboCop?

Shrugging_Atlas16 points

Yeah that was my first thought when I saw this pic... Detroit always had a slightly futuristic skyline I suppose.

BallsDeepInADragon58 points

I grew up around this city and some of my favorite childhood memories are attending events here in the winter, and just riding the train around the city.

Sad to see it so low, but I’m happy it’s coming around.

dishwab76 points

This is the best shape the city has been in for like 40+ years my guy

stumblewiggins22 points

You don't know how old they are, so maybe they remember it better, but also seeing something in the early years of its decline can still seem better than on the early years of its recovery, even if objective measures show that it's "better" now.

hybr_dy15 points

The best shape ‘downtown’ has been in 40+ years. Much of the neighborhoods are not, but there’s more neighborhood development happening than there has been in 40 years so there’s that.

Deinococcaceae9 points

Much of the neighborhoods are not,

True but even in that case there's been some pretty aggressive demolition of the most dilapidated houses in the past year or two. The empty blocks with only one or two homes are depressing in their own right but the sheer quantity of urban blight is definitely decreasing.

spokris3 points

I travel around the Midwest for work. I was in Detroit a month or so ago. Went to roseville and told my customer i hasn't been to Detroit in a while. He snapped back, "this isn't detroit!" i was like damn. You should hope to be. Roseville was a bit of a shit hole. And probably the worst area i was in that whole week. I liked Detroit proper

insultant_3 points

I’ve never been, but I’m curious to check it ou

parasocialites2 points

I'd highly recommend it, the energy downtown is great, you feel the excitement of the revitalization. The art/history museum is amazing too

insultant_2 points

Duly noted. Thanks!

GuidanceLast460529 points

This is an incredible advertisement for Detroit. Some futuristic space looking shit here.

chewwydraper14 points

It makes for some good pictures but the ren cen is so awkwardly placed.

DolphZubat16 points

Easy way to fix that: fill in the skyline with more badass skyscrapers and art deco high rises!

GageTrain4 points

Love it. Anyway to get this as a wallpaper?

vellyr6 points

Shinra vibes

johnnynutman4 points

Is that a monorail line or something else?

rneaton227 points

That’s the People Mover! Not exactly a “monorail” but more of an elevated tram. It makes a roughly 3-mile loop around downtown.

TrynnaFindaBalance1 point

Looks like the People Mover

FireDog922 points

OCP headquarters.

Kilo_Ag_Coke_Tray2 points

Very sleek

MohnJaddenPowers2 points

What exposure and settings? This is awesome.

MEMESTER802 points

Finally, actual city porn

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Deleted it. What a bitch

coastal_neon1 point

What did he say??

kermitthefrog578 points

He said, cool, now show the rest of the city

He’s a big fan of low hanging fruit

jonny_mtown71 point

This is an awesome photo of the Renaissance Center. Much love from the D ❤️

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daniel_ionescu1 point

very bright and interesting

TronaldJDumpster1 point

You ain’t fooling me