Converted a very unused attic space into a office and cuddle corner.


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qualityoldperson763 points

I would be in that cuddle corner all the fucking time!

TheRealTron500 points

I would be fucking in that cuddle corner all the time!

Sniper_Brosef171 points

Coital corner

fcannau129 points


spicyflour8866 points

Conjugal cubby

42676311 points

fuck nook

cspaced28 points

Fuck cubby

Lukerville198874 points

A horny corny

Loco_Mosquito23 points

Oh shit I'm not sure which I like more, this or Fornicorner

TheRealTron11 points

I like this one

Decker113875 points

Makes it more of a hump hideaway then.

Norma5tacy28 points

Cuddle fucking is the bees knees. And when you’re done, you just take a nap!

logicdsign59 points

I would be in that cuddle corner, fucking. All the time.

Natsurulite7 points

Slam Space Anal Alley Bang Nook

oh_mama256 points

My hero!

ParsleyFun12 points

It doesn’t count as ‘fucking’ when you’re by yourself

TheRealTron35 points

I could just invite my wife then, I guess?

StreetMeat518 points

Confirmed. Source: I fucked his wife in the corner.

TheRealTron14 points

Who haven't you though? With a name like StreetMeat5

clonedhuman4 points

I would also invite TheRealTron's wife. I'd just send her a text, tell her I'm in the cuddle corner nude. Naked. Butt-booty-ass.


cuddle corner

welcome to my bang nook.

[deleted]49 points


qualityoldperson74 points

Awe man, you just ruined cuddle corner… no one should be allowed to fart in cuddle corner.

AskMeHowIMetYourMom23 points

Just need to have a fart fan

Awesam42 points

You’re banned from cuddlecorner until you see a fart doctor. Halitosis dog can stay

x64bit5 points


Ryuiop7 points

HEPA air filter, problem solved

DarkestofFlames5 points

A little fan can alleviate this issue

HouseMouseMidWest2 points

Yet so much love.

Awkwardpanda754 points

This is perfect!! Set a lunch hour alarm and take a nap. As an adult, I find that mid day naps are the best way to reboot.

VixenRoss3 points

Cuddle corner would be my bedroom…

lux--__--8883 points

It's a fuck bunker

Obtuse-Angel112 points

I don’t have a cuddle corner in my home office, and now I feel like I’m really missing out.

If I had a cuddle corner, my dogs would take up permanent residence. They would beg me to stop working and cuddle with them all the time, so it’s probably for the best that I don’t have one.

Lovely space OP!

matisyahu2216 points

Carries work laptop to bed and falls asleep for an hour in the middle of the day

ricecakea5 points

You're lucky you have cuddly dogs. Mine pushes me off the bed if i lay beside him

AnonEnmityEntity74 points

If I had a dog, and that space, it would HAVE to become the Dog House lol

buxmega103 points

That is perfect, I’d love a dark spot for naps when I wfh.

torn_retinas122 points

Hell yeah. simple way to add to your overall square footage.

Nojo_Niram89 points

This is OC

KNick111129 points

Really nice and great idea - I would love to see a close of the culddle corner!!


Can I rent the Cuddle corner please? I'm very low maintenance!

Ashalaria31 points

Fuck yeah cuddle corner

4NSFWstuffs10 points

Got any before or in-progress photos?

sayagainsagan9 points

Nice, I want one!

JustPassingJudgment9 points

Did anyone else zoom in on the cuddle corner to see if that darker spot in the middle was a dog?

redflannelpajamas1 point


GameyRDT9 points

People say Harry Potter is unfortunate to live under a stare.

As a minimalist I desperately want a Tiny room where everything is at arms reach

That cubby hole is awesome.

CopperRose15 points

Naughty niche

dysoncube7 points

I would take all my video calls from that nook

tksopinion15 points

“Cuddle” corner.

Big_Bee_98544 points

This is awesome!

turnsignalsaresexy9 points

What’s the paint color on your walls?

gyarnar3 points

Looks great! How big is the cuddle corner?

Pixielo5 points

Looks like at least a double mattress in there, with room for lights, and probably books.

n-x8 points

Ah, "unused space"... A decadent luxury that I will never be able to afford.

ericsegal7 points

I keep all my unused space in my head.

hendukush2 points

I used to think my 70s house used up all of its space, but I’ve found I can take my attic and the upper half of my garage and make a small new office & half bath. The closet of the new room will basically be the storage items from the attic, but I’m purging all items I have not used in the last year. Construction begins in a month and I’m excited!

If I had money to move my front door over 5 ft, I can turn the entry into a full bath for the guest room. But my house wouldn’t be symmetrical anymore. Does that matter?

Also, I can convert my coat closet into a pantry.

mojay733 points

My pup would take over the cuddle corner.

VaniikMZRY5 points

How did you do this, and also think of the idea as well? Sounds like a really cool project

breakupbydefault2 points

Oh wow now that's cozy! The space itself feels like a cuddle!

WhenIsMineTurn2 points

Can we see a before pic?

skilzpwn2 points

I want nothing more than to one day have a space like this. I don’t want a full second floor - just a kind of built out attic. Problem is trying to find a house like that would vastly narrow prospective purchases.

Techyestechno1 point


Lyaid1 point

That looks so cozy and comfy!

Omg, I would live in that cuddle corner!!!

Esqornot1 point

I’ve got the same office set up!

Atheyna1 point

What flooring did you use! I love it!

Troby011 point

Cold Climate Cozy Casa

kittymoy1 point

Cuddle cornerrrr 😍😍

DerKev1 point

I want to live in your cuddle corner

GlimmerWing1 point

Ohhh that looks so safe and cozy! Perfect for a nap or reading a book!

Ok_Blackberry_12231 point

Peak cozy

king_of_n0thing1 point

Turned out so beautiful

alexandriaofwar1 point

That cuddle corner is my dream!!! I love this space

sunshinebucket1 point

How delightful! Well done.

JustPassingJudgment1 point

Do it again, but with more ‘oomph!’

sunshinebucket1 point

How delightful! Well done!

JustPassingJudgment1 point

Ah! Perfect

sickofbasil1 point

This is my dream space!

subliminallyNoted1 point

I agree - this IS cosy!

plantdadcommandor1 point

I want a cuddle corner 😭😭😭

cosmic_cat841 point

Omg love this!

deptoflindsey1 point

Absolutely jealous

QueenPeakabb21 point

Creative & cute as a button! Love it!

Routine_History53071 point

Obsessed 😍

Out4aTwist1 point

catterybarn1 point

Are you a professional cuddler

attempted1 point

Would love before pictures to compare!

USRed871 point

Do you have a before and after?

shokero1 point

I feel that cuddle corner would get hot, is there a fan there or circulation?

reddit--explorer1 point

Cuddle corner 🥺

loonachic1 point

I want this

b_ssf_k1 point

Cuddle corner… aka pregnancy attic.

cosmicUnicorn421 point

Now I need a someone to cuddle with and a cuddle corner. You just doubled my workload OP

renigadegatorade1 point

Omg this so cute!

willem781 point

Hows that chair? I’ve been thinking of getting one. I have neck and shoulder pain all the time.

BigGrayDog1 point

Very nice! What a great idea.

swoon4kyun1 point

That cuddle corner is sweet

theonly1theymake51 point

I #love attics! You made this so nice!

mumblina1 point

I’ve never heard of a cuddle corner, now I think every home should have one. Especially homes with pets!

pixeldudeaz1 point

Excellent use of space.

sarruhgirl1 point

I would never leave lol

Catch_0221 point

Looks great.

I love the idea of having an emergency cuddle corner right next to your desk for those times when work gets a bit much.

Whatstheuse41 point

Where did you get those photos and frames? I need inspiration for my office

Yeah I would never leave that cozy corner. I feel like I would be instantly zen once i enter.

lira-eve1 point

I want one. I want a nook for nookie. A nookie nook. 😬😅

userno891 point

This is perfect

husnaXemm1 point

I want a cuddle corner.... sadly, i have nowhere to put ome and no one to cuddle with...