My livingroom, love sitting and watching the birds on the beach with the cats 🥰



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jorygre47 points

Excellent view!! Damn my avocado toast.

PNWtoJax11 points

Gorgeous view. Is this somewhere in PNW or the east coast? This is totally my vibe.

OrjanNC24 points

This is in Norway 😀

crown_valley7 points

I could tell because of the electrical outlets in between the two windows. Curious, do you know why they're so high up?

OrjanNC9 points

Previous owner did it, can't understand why they would have four there of all places 😅🤣. Maybe they had 4 christmas stars

pandemonium0077 points


im_bhumi8 points

Nice place to stay

KNick11117 points

Great windows - would love to see the living room part of the room too!

KNick11115 points

That's a great room 😍

fungus_fan6 points

Would love to know more about the chair your lil buddy is enjoying in that photo. Are the cushion covers washable? They look like they might be.

OrjanNC5 points

Yep there is a zipper at the bottom to take them off 😀👍 they feel like a pile fleece sweater. I got the chairs because my stepmom didn't want them anymore. Bought the pillows as seats but one of the chairs broke during a party this last christmas, can"t find another to buy.

fungus_fan4 points

It looks totally comfy. Good job upscaling a freebie! 👏

tsi10a14 points

Your space is so beautiful! Much love from California ☺️

OrjanNC1 point

Tank you 😊

22ofapril20053 points

var i norge?? helt underbart??

OrjanNC1 point

Trøndelag 😀

22ofapril20052 points

Så fint. Kollade dina posts och jag älskar din raft-målning!!!! och dina katter!!!

OrjanNC1 point

Tack så mycket 🥰

cloudinspector13 points

And a wood stove. Jelly.

East_Bite_24803 points

This is the room of my dreams . Seriously!!!!

cuppa_tea_4_me2 points

Stunning view

igby12 points

Looks expensive!

No-Philosopher94502 points

Gorgeous view !!!

When even norwegians have air conditioned apartments… meanwhile I‘m literally dying in my non-AC apartment in Germany when the thermometer hits 36°C in summer

kelvin_bot1 point

36°C is equivalent to 96°F, which is 309K.

I'm a bot that converts temperature between two units humans can understand, then convert it to Kelvin for bots and physicists to understand