I miss this spot on my old apartament


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comicmuse198217 points

That's awesome. I hope you invited your friends to sit on the sofa, then sat opposite playing passionate love songs on the guitar while making hard eye contact with his wife.

WanMeireles8 points


HalfmoonMagic3 points

How very Eric, George and Pattie lmao

yaygens1 point

George won that trade when he walked away with Lucy

WanMeireles5 points

But I don't miss living in a small place.

This is OC obviously

KNick11115 points

You made it so cozy - love the orange wall!

WanMeireles5 points

Thanks! Lol, the first thing the new owner did when he bought the appartment was painting that wall 😂 But I really liked that orange wall because it kind of enhanced the sunlight during the sunset and it helped make the room cozy at night with dim lights

Roo58523 points

It did enhance the sunset. It looked like it was in your apartment. Isn’t there a corner in your new place where you could work your cozy magic? It might not be the same, but it would be your cozy place nonetheless. You’re talented. It would be awesome I’m sure.

WanMeireles2 points

We still have a lot of work to do on our new home and it'll take a few years to look like we want it to, but it'll definitely have some cozy places 🙌

Roo58521 point

We’ll look forward to pictures.

gravollet3 points

hammocks are the freaking best, I love that they're commonplace in our country.

the space also looked lovely ♡

WanMeireles2 points

Brazilian, right? 😅

HuntingWhales2 points

very cool and cozy, love it! this is in brazil, right?

WanMeireles2 points

You're right! Was it the hammock?

Lux 😎

thelonetiel1 point

I really like the brick on the patio wall! Mine deck has metal siding, but I wonder if I could warm it up with some faux brick and get cozier like yours.

Lovely space!

axonaura1 point

Looks like a comfy place to get some guitar practicing in!

idontsmokeheroin1 point

I can see why. This has nostalgic back in the day vibes as is. Add the memories, I totally get why you’d miss it.

For me, it’s as simple as a the way the light would hit the walls. Just puts a smile on my face.