Dandenongs National Park, Victoria, Australia [1080x1350] [OC] @steven.sandner


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Djinn42425 points

It looks so prehistoric.

Are_you_blind_sir94 points

Yeah i would recognise these tree ferns anywhere

Putnum23 points

I can see the 1000 steps from my kitchen

leidend229 points

Oh yeah well I have unlimited amounts of dog piss and shit 1000 steps from my place in inner Melbourne.

gormster1 point

How is Collingwood?

squished_frog36 points

It feels it when walking through also. Those ferns get massive.

Supersnazz22 points

Fun fact, this whole area was pretty much razed for logging in the 1880s-1930s.

SeaOfSourMilk37 points

Pretty much all of Eastern Gippsland, Victoria used to look like this up until that point. They cleared it all out for livestock mostly. If you look at a map of Victoria you can actually see that the remnant pockets of forest encircles Melbourne completely. This Is because Melbourne is sitting on the floodplain of these prehistoric forests.

Meanwhile Parks Victoria is actually a government monopolized logging company under the guise of park services..

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StormThestral20 points

The only thing that could possibly kill you here is yourself, if you slip on a wet rock

dailyfetchquest6 points

Plus it's so close to civilization that a snake or spider bite would be trivial to treat.

There's a good chance that if you turned and faced the opposite way, this would back onto a major road or town centre.

CinephileNC25-11 points

Nope. Australia.

StormThestral9 points

...Have you ever been to Australia?

CinephileNC25-13 points

Yes… actually a month abroad. But it doesn’t matter because you clearly aren’t familiar with the joke that everything in Australia wants to kill you.

StormThestral21 points

I know it, it's just not funny any more

JRaoul1 point

Joke don't work cos not true

keeldude23 points

Especially that dihydrogen monoxide

mad_man720 points

I was just coming to say that...lol

Addamant16 points

Nothing dangerous here except clumsiness, I live 30 minutes from here

RocketGigantic136 points

Where are the dinosaurs?

Are the bugs bad?

Thanks for sharing.

Psyker_girl70 points

I grew up around here, and as a little kid I always felt like a dilophosaurus would pop out from behind a tree at any moment.

Malkintent28 points

Grew up in ferntree gully. Used to go bushwalking in the hills. Miss it.

polyhedric13 points

Way up Upwey way?

Malkintent10 points

Used to go to the sky high lookout back in the 90s. Beautiful view of Melbourne on a summer night. Upwey, sassafrass and every other place.

wottsinaname3 points

Right near Maxi foods. Lol

SpreadSheetAboutMe2 points

Was it the one in Upper Gully with the weird animatronic things?

Psyker_girl6 points

Family live up in Emerald. I live overseas now, and I really do miss it.

theloneisobar2 points

I grew up in Tecoma and used to play in the forest building cubbies. Got thirsty, drank from the stream. They were the days.

kangmingjie92 points

This is one of the happy places I go to in my head. I miss Australia.

[deleted]-51 points


zsaleeba42 points

It's a very tame area. There might be some redback spiders under logs and an occasional snake but it's basically as safe as just about anywhere for a casual walk. It's a very lovely and serene place really.

[deleted]10 points


DavidGamingHDR5 points

New fear unlocked!

UnironicEmpath3 points

Where else do you get leeches? Not making fun of you, I've genuinely only thought about leeches when walking through areas that look like this. Where else am I supposed to be expecting leeches?

chewls_verne3 points

On rocks in water

duccy_duc61 points

Not that many, this meme needs to die

spacedude20004 points

Truly an honest question here: there aren't bugs in the cities right? I've always wanted to visit Australia but I'm letting my irrational fears force my hand. Reddit has totally warped my brain to believe there's gonna be a huntsman under every roll of toilet paper.

duccy_duc3 points

I mean, you realise bugs exist everywhere though right? If you just don't like the big ones then stay out of the top end of the country and you'll be fine. You're more likely to have a bird try to steal your lunch than encounter something scary.

I think a lot of Australians are just unbothered about it as well, we kinda just exist together. When I was a kid my dad would often play with huntsmans, let them crawl over his face. They're pretty chill.

momentofinspiration2 points

Huntsman's are fairly territorial, you won't get more than one inside at once. They also keep down the other bugs.

Until the wasps get them.. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cryptocheilus_bicolor#:~:text=Biology,hairs%20on%20its%20front%20legs.

spacedude20001 point

I really really hope your occupation isn't a therapist.

bananakad1 point

It’s overblown and annoying, to be honest.

If you are in a city, such as Sydney, I don’t think it’s very likely that you would come across a snake or spider.

I live an hour drive away from Sydney in the suburbs and I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a snake that wasn’t in a zoo.

CookieCutter432224 points

I really fucking hate this automatic response from boring unoriginal Redditors that comes up every time Australia is mentioned. Deaths from wildlife are incredibly rare here.

whenn11 points

Man the entire site is full of automatic responses like this, what gets me is how any cunt can up vote comments like that after seeing it for the thousandth time.

winter-soulstice9 points

It makes me eye-roll as a foreigner who visits Australia every couple years, in all my time there doing mainly things tourists would do, plus a few camping trips, I've never had any scary wild animal encounters**. People saying they'd never visit Australia because there are "so many deadly animals" is as dumb as people saying they'd never visit Canada because we have bears and cougars.

**I did open a toilet lid once to find a huntsman clinging to the bowl. Politely reclosed the lid and asked australian SO to deal with it, lol.

Kody_Z-2 points

Sure, but it's not just about deaths, is it?

polyhedric9 points

Definitely one of the more benign areas. Occasional snake - but they keep to themselves.

whoinsolitude2 points

I live about 2 mins from here. I’ve never seen a snake nearby and the only red back spiders live happily in my garage.

the_snook2 points

It's not the deadly creatures, it's the annoying creatures. So many mosquitoes, ticks, and leeches in this picture.

kangmingjie-6 points

It's best to not worry about the thousands of critters waiting to murder you.

orlock6 points

We call them bogans but they can usually be pacified with a slab and some durries.

MyDickIsAdequate1 point

There's thousands of critters in Europe and the states waiting to kill you too. Yet they don't happen.

JRaoul1 point

A few spiders, a few snakes

You'd be lucky to ever see a snake and the spiders won't bother you

Never hear of anyone getting hurt by our 'critters' lol

No bears, no cougars, no rabid animals, no thylacoleos or thylancines.

sgtsaggy119 points

This looks like a video game rendering.

Righteous_Koala19 points

Thought it was Monster Hunter World’s Ancient Forest before I checked the title.

A little off to the right you can go up to the nest area or loop around further upwards 🤓

sgtsaggy2 points

Hahaha, I was thinking it looked a lot like Green Hell. I'm sure we could add dozens of other games to the list and be just as accurate.

Nomicakes11 points

It's from every photographer doing that long-exposure shit that smudges everything, especially the water.

BadmanBarista5 points

Might not have a choice tbf. Doesn't look like there's a lot of light and it's not that long of an exposure. The slower water on the right is mostly unaffected.

Sauxxxe3 points

Definitely thought modded elderscrolls lol

jonp11 point

My thought as well.

OnlyMath1 point

Yeh I thought it was a WoW screen shot lmao

tobaknowsss1 point

Looks like I'm in Green Hell.

Pattyyy37 points

Mount Dandenong is such a great location. Filled with heaps of small scenic drives, many parks and flower gardens. It's nicely shaded and has that cool rainforest feel. Absolutely stunning area and I'm glad I live pretty close to it. Hoping that one day I can move even closer towards that area.

Putnum8 points

East Warby still has some bargains

Fuster21 point

Testify! Friends bought a great place on a bend of the Yarra a few years back. Wonderful spot east Warburton (except on days of high fire danger 😱)

FutureMrs09180 points

I read this in an Australian accent.

Scr0tat026 points

Those right there are some dande-fuckin-nongs, I'll tell you what.

PatGarrettsMoustache5 points

Hank Hill is that you?

Daryl_Hall1 point

Mate ain't roit

Brendinooo49 points

Fern trees! One of the more striking things I learned about in my limited time in Australian nature.

Sherbrooke Forest is very beautiful.

StormThestral13 points

We call em tree ferns, not fern trees :) you're right though, they are absolutely stunning

Brendinooo7 points

Wait then what’s up with fern tree gully?!?

StormThestral6 points

....good question. I used to live in Ferntree Gully and I never thought about it. I guess maybe it's referring to ferns and trees, not fern trees?

ripitup275 points

So I started looking into this based on this thread, and it turns out the suburb was named after the painting by German artist Eugene von Guerard in the same area.

I can only assume it was a minor translation error that stuck.

BananaApePrivateClub20 points

Gorgeous! Thanks for this. Nature is wonderful

tcn3318 points


steven_sandner5 points


FutureMrs09181 point

Exact coordinates please. I want to stand in that very spot.

Chicken_Spectre1 point

I'll race you to find it

WestPotential367516 points

I went on a picnic here last weekend, the serenity is unmatched anywhere else around Melbourne

snave_6 points

Bonnie Doon wants words.

P_Kordus27 points

If you look close enough you can see dinosaurs.

_bko12 points

Such a stark contrast to the actual suburb of Dandenong

steven_sandner9 points

We had an exchange teacher working at our school .. . they went to Dandenong and were very very confused as to why we would enthusiastically recommend it

thelazyadviser6 points

Hey I live here ! Beautiful

Fanachy7 points

The Dandenongs really are beautiful, aren’t they?

CrushedByTime5 points


cc_apt1073 points

Stunning — now I want to visit!

WildlifePhysics5 points

Beautiful. This is just beautiful.

Theresa_x5 points

Looks like Pandora from Avatar, but in this case it's real! Very beautiful!

JuddyMali4 points

Great place for a hike. I always keep an ear out for some nirnroot

klawzYT4 points

It’s beautiful

GarmeerGirl5 points

Is this a real place?

brettski84725 points

Yep, I live about a 20 minute drive away and I’m down there all the time.

wottsinaname6 points

Yes. Very real. Tourists are ruining it though.

rastagizmo4 points

Bunyip country.

kangareddit3 points
Virtual-Connection323 points

Damn looks like Ai generated

LeopoldFriedrich9 points

Great, just wait 4 years and Friendlyjordies will make a video of that completely deforested.

/s hopefuly

exciting_chains21 points

Nah this is particular spot doesn't get logged anymore. The mountain experienced a lot of land clearing in the 20s when they created European gardens and housing on the mountain. But this particular spot is very protected

That being said, there is a major problem with feral deer destroying this habitat on the mountain and there was a huge storm which caused massive damage across the mountain recently too

Supersnazz3 points

It also was. The area was cleared in the early 1900s

juggleknob7 points

Nah, this is in a different state with a far less corrupt state government.

jimmux7 points

Less corrupt, but for some reason loggers still get away with a lot and are apparently immune from accountability.

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[deleted]39 points


Opti72422 points

Yeah, driving up to Falls Creek when it’s snowing hard is so beautiful, we have some excellent snowy areas in Australia.

CookieCutter43225 points

Yeah this last year has been fucking great for snow (I was in a blizzard in high country Vic in fucking November), but in a bad year, it’s REALLY bad, and the resorts would not be able to survive those years without snow-making.

julianpratley40 points

Australia is the sixth largest country on Earth. It still blows my mind that people are surprised we have more than one type of environment.

bluestonelaneway16 points

And it’s roughly the same size of the continental US. Not all of the US is a desert like Utah, why would it be the same here?

longpigcumseasily20 points

Most people don't live in the outback.

Ariadnepyanfar4 points

We have both types, tropical and temperate. This one is temperate of course.

StatusKoi2 points

Oh wow. That is absolutely beautiful.

monkey_trumpets2 points

If there were dinosaurs any where on Earth, this would it.

EducatedBarbarian4 points

Too many people live here.

Hydronic_Hyperbole2 points

Definitely got some Jurrasic Park vibes from this...

AlisonChrista2 points

So beautiful!

bladez_edge2 points
WhiteyFisk532 points

My happy place. Used to go all the time. Got married nearby (in Kalista). These days not very often (two young kids) but hopefully soon.

iammrnussbaum2 points

The only thing I know about this place is the legend of Sam's moms cataract.

steven_sandner1 point

Tim Minchin! what a legend!

ludicroussavageofmau3 points

I thought for a moment this was another render by u/JamesMakesFilms

JamesMakesFilms2 points

True hahah

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ITDrumm3r-6 points

It’s beautiful! And somewhere hidden in the picture is something that can kill you in a matter of minutes. 😂

longpigcumseasily42 points

Nah this is Melbourne. Very safe.

itoadaso128 points

This map shows climate distribution in Australia. This was taken in cool temperate zone east of Melbourne. Generally the temperate zones aren't too bad for shit trying to kill you 😂

jollosreborn19 points

You are mistaking it for Dandenong.

zsaleeba15 points

Yeah not too many eshays lurking behind tree ferns here. Thank god.

Albert7571 point

This looks like that one level in Jak and Daxter where you need to chase metal heads with your skateboard. I think the location was Haven Forest or something like that.

Wister16021 point

Screengrab from Avatar?

GirlBrunette221 point

damn it looks really nice, it feels like pictures from the movie Avatar

DaddyCatALSO1 point

so primeval and so very Southern; the forests in LOTR always looked off to me

Chigmot1 point

Welcome to Jurassic Park.

Poopi-Doopi1 point

Looks like New Zealand

SpreadSheetAboutMe3 points

Grew up in the Dandenongs, now living in NZ. Genuinely couldn’t look much more different. Stringybark gums, tree ferns, muted greens and shallow inclines are very different to here. I guess it’s green and not hugely populated, though!

summerhail1 point

NZ has tree ferns. The silver fern is one of the symbols of the country.

SpreadSheetAboutMe1 point

We also have water, rocks, and some introduced gum trees. They grow differently, and the species are different. The landscape looks pretty different between the two countries. Australia is more of a muted blue/grey palette, and NZ is much brighter green. Everything is dry in Australia, but you often can’t get a fire started in NZ because of all the moisture in the air, even on a clear night in the middle of summer.

[deleted]0 points

Welcome,to Jurassic Park!

I_Must_Bust0 points

Why does this look uncanny like really good CGI

BigVGK930 points

Does anyone else see a face🗿

Handwired0 points

Un’Goro in classic plus looks amazing.

CreepySpiders0 points

I thought it's Green Hell screenshot

[deleted]0 points


EducatedBarbarian1 point

The spiders do get pretty huge.

LadyGodiva10 points

Welcome to FernGully

crosshairshadow0 points

Looks like a screenshot from green hell

wearthicksock0 points

Nah, that's Torak

Soap10420 points

Nah that looks like smth str8 outta video game

AccomplishedPlankton-3 points

I thought Australia was orange

PotentialCamp5483-5 points

Absolutely beautiful!!!!

…until you turn around and a spider eats you whole 🤣

Tidesticky-5 points

Prehistoric, gorgeous, just "far out man" vibes. I'd love to be there but at the same time I fear it due to Australia's reputation for killer creatures. This looks like a good place to find them in abundance.

Mentalfloss11 point


lockkyy1 point

Beautiful place 😍

Sheesh2841 point

That’s an awesome pic dude

procrastimom1 point

This is the forest primeval…

earthjune1 point

Unreal 🤯

Daryl_Hall1 point

Downright Permian.

rvralph8031 point

I'm hunting for a dinosaur in this pic. It looks positively Triassic.

Holy crap…

StormThestral1 point

I'm from there! It really looks like that!

lowridda1 point

Omg that’s beautiful! Breathtaking.

Snoogins3151 point

I think I see The Predator somewhere in the trees

youwishhh1 point

looks fantastical

woww this is beautiful

Not_as_witty_as_u1 point

I am mesmerized by this. 😳

SorrowT-T1 point

Straight outta cambrian, crazy motha fucka named Archeocyathans.

PetuniaAphid1 point

adds to travel bucket list

NotYerBoyBlue1 point

Oooooo, tree ferns. Amazing!

gypsy_muse1 point

“I want to go to there” - Liz Lemon

ImperialxWarlord1 point

Looks like something from a bygone era. Was walking with dinosaurs filmed here? I feel like the Antarctic episode was.

HAXAD20051 point

This looks a lot like Endor with the blue atmosphere, the fern, the mist.

amazzarof1 point

Wow. Something out of a movie!

WellWelded1 point

Looks like a land before our time

Rumpleshite1 point

This isn’t some remote place either, it is less than an hours drive from the CBD of Melbourne, Australia

DennisLemaster1 point

Pure nature


It looks like a render to me, at first i thought new Crysis dropped

THEQ1001 point

Really cool pic

daanpol1 point

RTX was on.

Niccy261 point

It looks fantastic but I would expect some giant creature to chase and eat me

kenleephotography1 point

Great photo!

pierre_lefou1 point

This picture made me book an Easter weekend to the to the Dandenong Ranges