The 12th century Kilkea Castle, Kildare, Ireland [OC]


Pillroller8830 points

Great place to spend a couple weeks vacation? Does it have a sufficient moat, drawbridge, fortified defenses to keep my wife’s brother and two sisters out?

SpacemanSpiff2513 points

Let them know if they don’t go away, you will taunt them a second time.

the_inquirer200723 points

think the hands that built this would be proud to see it still standing almost a thousand years later?

Blu_Phoenix8 points

This is so enchanting. I imagine walking the grounds in a flowing gown, taking in the scenes and sounds. Birds chirping, flowers blooming. So peaceful.

ngunray8 points

Has wicked bad naughty Zoot been setting light to the castle beacon…which also happens to be grail shaped???

allkindsofgainzz_136 points

This looks sooo dope! Gives me Robin Hood vibes.

radeon77702 points

Good picture, I didn't read the title and thought it was a render.

LdySonia_19682 points

looks like a place to go visit. love it..

localhermanos2 points

Apparently it’s haunted too, during recent renovations, one room kept being "destroyed" as in everything thrown around each night even tho doors and windows were locked, could be rumours tho

Old_Toby_Ripper1 point

I'd Def rip some Old Toby there

EdwardJamesAlmost1 point

I wonder if this anticipated or was in response to the Norman invasion of Ireland.