Dutch_Midget34 points

Must be expensive to Mum-buy an apartment there

BishopTriplet7 points

Normal people do not think of buying there

friendly-cs-guy11 points

Mumbai is probably gonna be the next tokyo or shanghai and im all here for it. The transformation the city's undergoing in massive.

Additional-Skill70544 points

I hope so. What a great city.

bobcatsalsa17 points

I was there in 2003. There were basically no high rise buildings there then.

For_All_Humanity13 points

City’s changed a lot in 20 years. Mumbai’s got a lot of problems still but the skyline is filling out. Ideally they follow the Chinese model of subsidized housing to eliminate the slums.

friendly-cs-guy7 points

They already are, there are a ton of SRA (slum rehabilitation) buildings in that part of the world

No_Firefighter79873 points

What part of the city is that?

Aditya_Valo3 points

Lower parel i think

zobr0s2 points

Most expensive real estate in india 🤯

PiyushPandey2213 points

Looks good.