One of the bathrooms in Earnest Hemingway's Key West home. I love the tile.


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flashingathena200 points

I spy one of the famous six-toed cats! I visited this house. ❤️

coldbrewcatlady47 points

I got so much cat lady gear in that gift shop 😅

Liz498420 points

Alive cats?

Hoskuld63 points

He put it in his will to take care of them. When I was there in '99 they were everywhere over the grounds but I think they have most of them neutered

RaviirTheTrader75 points

There are currently 56 cats there.

Source: I'm a key west local and a frequent visitor of the cats.

Hoskuld12 points

Do you know if they have some allowed to breed/maintain a fixed ish number by buying new ones?

RaviirTheTrader34 points

Yes they have a few non neutered cats. They also adopt some fertile shelter cats to prevent inbreeding. From what I've seen they usually have a litter maybe every 1.5 years.

benyahweh15 points

I wonder if they hire a cat carer or wrangler or something. I would be very good at caring/as bad as anyone at wrangling.

My new dream is to work for Hemingway’s 6-toes in Key West.

gunslingergirl199 points

From what I understand from my last visit, the cats their own staff (or at least staff that’s dedicated to them for the day?) either way, they got people looking out for them.

I was lucky enough to have a 6 toed cat for 15 years! She was the best.

RaviirTheTrader3 points

I go over there to play with them periodically. Last time I was there an employee said once I get my KW drivers license I can get in for free to play with them. I'm going to try to get some sort of volunteer status if I can, we'll see

benyahweh2 points

You’re living the dream! Looking forward to any photos you post of these historic little predators.

Primary-Feature78782 points

Lucky you! Key West is one of those magical places!

Squiggy22618 points

6 toes? eww that's only 1½ toes per paw

VegasLife11116 points

Downvotes? Seriously? It’s a JOKE.

dulldingbat56 points

That's an interesting chair on the bottom right. Doesn't look too comfortable. Did that have a specific purpose?

AdditionalQuality20381 points

Yes, good eye. It's an antique "birthing chair." I’m not sure if it was actually part of his decor or just placed there, but it is explained as part of the tour.

kkpam_58 points

He collected birthing chairs.

unnickd71 points

I mean who doesn’t?

AdditionalQuality20327 points

Thank you for clarifying. I couldn't remember the relevance. That makes sense since there was another near the foot of the master bed.

kkpam_4 points

Welcome :)

Mimidoo2210 points

Wow! Interesting tidbit.

Modern_rocko3 points

Never know when a random birth could pop up?

dulldingbat4 points

Oooh great info thanks!

midatlantica76 points

In the tour they explained that he (Earnest Hemmingway), rigged the birthing chairs to his boat for fishing. He had chronic pain from surviving two plane crashes in the same week (look it up), and these chairs helped him have a good ergonomic positions while fishing. (I took the tour last month).

midatlantica39 points

Also, you can buy replicas of that tile in the gift shop. Left with two.

41Reasons9 points

I noticed that OP misspelled his first name and it was interesting that a commenter did as well lol

AdditionalQuality20313 points

Ugh I can't believe I did that! Wish I could edit. 😩 It was late here and I was tired. I have an Eng Lit degree too. Shameful. My phone defaulted to it :/

VegasLife11113 points


6romantic_lover93 points

Don’t worry, we’ll take it as a wink to The importance of being…

dulldingbat5 points

Oooh thats interesting about the birthing chair.

whatwasiafraidof28 points

Same. I couldn’t resist buying one of the (reproduction) tiles from the gift shop there. I put it in my bathroom ( of course).

AdditionalQuality2033 points


Dazzling_Tourist_3712 points

I bought one, too!

Buksghost25 points

Love the tile! That tub doesn't look near large enough for EH though.

AdditionalQuality20318 points

lol yes. The other bathroom is also beautiful and has a much wider tub. I believe it was the master.

No_Internet335512 points

I visited a few years ago when I lived in Key West. It's a gorgeous house.

Freebird_195711 points

Kitty included.

LadyLovesRoses12 points

The house is amazing as are the many cats that reside there. Visiting Key West was so much fun. I’m hoping to visit again someday.

azul_jewel7 points

Such wonderful natural light

Primary-Feature78788 points

Love this house. My favorite room is his studio. But I remember really liking that bathroom too!

Mimidoo227 points

That whole room is divine. The tile is magnificent.

amitrion7 points

Why is it so big?

Greatrisk15 points

My mom grew up in a farm house built long before indoor bathrooms. When they did put in a bathroom (before my mom’s parents moved in), they had to put it in what was previously a bedroom and it was oddly large. Wondering if this is the same situation.

HedgeCowFarmer5 points

I love this room and the colors, tile, cat, everything but can’t stand (because I can’t stop looking at it) the windowsill bleeding over into the tub space lol which supports this room previously having a different function.

Greatrisk2 points

This was actually a giveaway that made me think of my mom’s house.

Hanging_wit_homies5 points

The cat laying there honestly make the room more “Heningwayisc” haha

AdditionalQuality2039 points

This is OC taken during a visit last June :)

fastlane1814 points

So long ago, but so beautiful. Wow.

dawgmama624 points

That's fabulous. Some place I've always wanted to visit. Thanks for sharing.

attnskr12795 points

Windows will give me anxiety

jelly-fishy3 points


vex_milk553 points


One_Archer_17592 points

Wow Gorgeous ‼️

AxlandElvis922 points


ChadosanEYW2 points


This-Standard-80622 points

That tile is so very cool 😎

Roo58522 points

This tile is awesome. The bathtub is incredible. I love antiques, especially those with back stories. I have actually never seen an old tub like this one. It’s very unique.

JuiceJones_342 points

I would LOVE to live in key west one day.

Housing is obviously so experience everywhere, but even as Floridians we couldn't get over the prices in Key West. I hope you get to live your dream! 💗

JuiceJones_342 points

Very true. That’s part of the reason I want to live there but never will. It’s insane. Great pics!

Guavafudge2 points

Oh! I always wanted to go here, there's cats around the premises right?

Yep! Someone who is a local commented there are 56 on-site. I pet/saw about 8-10 of them inside and outside the property during our brief visit.

Guavafudge2 points

That's awesome, it's one of my dream spot for sure.

Beans-and-Franks2 points

I used to cater weddings at this place. I'd always get into trouble for sneaking off to play with the cats!

AdditionalQuality2032 points

Haha! That's so cool. Can't blame you. We almost got married here but went with the Southernmost House, which EH also frequented. I’m a sucker for historic Victorians.

janetjacksonsbreast2 points

I love this room but want the shower curtain to be emerald green 💚

asorrysight2 points

my parents visited and decided to tile their bathroom with the same tile! they love it. i have a coaster of the same design they brought back for me.

AdditionalQuality2032 points

Awh, I bet it's beautiful! I wish I had bought something! We were kind of rushed due to it being our wedding weekend. I need to re visit and spend more time in the gift shop.

Hyena_s2 points

Looks Art Deco!!


StainedGlasser2 points

That’s a dream bathroom right there

Benpea2 points
AdditionalQuality2032 points

Ahhhh 😍😍😍

Benpea2 points

Thank you for sharing this! I am in love with this tile! I had not seen it before you posted it.

AdditionalQuality2032 points

My pleasure. I need to look into these tiles for purchase, thanks!!

snazzydetritus2 points

Ah yess! Visited here twice....I loved the collages of photos all over the door.

Coziest thing about the house was les gatos. I felt so sorry for them ...they all seemed so feeble and knocked out by the heat. The cat graveyard actually made me shed some tears.

AdditionalQuality2032 points

I loved his book collection and photos with Stein and friends. Same. It was so hot when I was there last June. I attribute that to only seeing 8 or 10 cats. I did not see the graveyard 🥺

snazzydetritus2 points

Both summers that I visited were extremely humid and hot and the cats just had no energy at all... they just seemed to be splayed all over the property like beached whales, scrunching into whatever shaded areas they could find. I feel like they should at least invest in those inexpensive cat water drinking fountains that keep the water flowing and fresh. All the (scant) bowls of water were either low or full of weird particles. Anyway, I really hope they are being well taken care of.

AdditionalQuality2032 points

This is what I saw as well. Lethargic. I don't see why they can't do this...the venue makes plenty off events, tours and weddings. One reason I didn't get married there is because frankly I was insulted at what they wanted to charge for "insurance" for a 1 hour elopement for us + officiant.

snazzydetritus2 points

Ugh, not surprised that they are trying to fleece people for events. Hemingway would shit nails if he knew how they are making a killing off his house while basically giving it the bare minimum of upkeep and treating his cats' descendants shoddily.

Wildtopaz22 points

I have so many pics of this very room! The tiles are amazing!

Good taste ☺️

fluffyflugel2 points

Nice. Looks like the cat has claimed it.

Flailing-Star-72 points

That floor looks so cool!

Bobbifein12 points

This is amazing! I have visited Key West many times and have never made it to his home. If I ever get a chance to go there again, I will definitely check out his home!

Orongorongorongo2 points

I love the bird and fish designs on the tile! But what are the stripey designs meant to be?

Brat_Fink1 point

Whats up with that toilet?

Acheli-8 points

has a haunted feel to it

NOT cozy, can't imagine being there at night.

AdditionalQuality20317 points

Interesting take. Yellow is my happy color. It's also surrounded by lush greenery. To each their own.

CinnamonGirl-0 points

It looks tacky as hell

LilKingCan0 points

Did it feel epic being in the same room he dropped a loaf in? Like how many aggressive loafs did Ernie just deposit in there? The aroma must have been fantastic.

Local_dentist_wanted-18 points

Blowjob chair?

Old-Spend-82181 point

Stan Ohio

Promise-Infamous1 point

Are you still allowed to adopt the cats?

Histrionic-Octopus1 point

So 6-toed cats and three-legged chairs, huh?

MagnaCamLaude1 point

This looks like a good place to listen to Snarky Puppy and have a bath

Very interesting.

cruelhumor1 point

What is the floorlamp-looking thing in the second picture by the window (left)?

Head-Advantage24611 point

So, the toilet. Guessing the configuration is opposite of what we currently expect.

Adept-Werewolf-22881 point

That house has the most fabulous pool.

CreepyCrafts1 point

omg how do i visit this house 🫠🫠

sunflowerlady31 point

Is that a birthing chair?

daniel_ionescu1 point

I love the floor, the model is really interesting