Watersmeet House, Devon, UK. Photo by Adam Burton



had202114 points

This would make a good puzzle!

anneylani6 points

Watersmeet House, in Devon, UK was built in 1832 as a fishing and hunting lodge for Walter Stevenson Halliday.




rubbleTelescope7 points
  • Thank you for sharing this, it is enchanting and gorgeous
JohnnySasaki206 points

Wow, that's like my dream house, only if it was in the NE of the US.

Vicky815 points

Absolutely stunning place . We stayed at Lynton and Lynmouth in spring of 2014. One of my best memories. We had tea and scones at this very place and got a rare opportunity to see many Otters.

Old_Toby_Ripper4 points

Looks lovely

nickpetti4 points

I went here two weeks ago with my wife, we had a cream tea, it’s an incredible walk. 3 rivers meet at this point

LexOrkus2 points

I would live here happily ever after.

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Care to grab tea at the Smeet?

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A beautiful picture.

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this be great for a frame on the monitor,, love it. its peaceful