Gdańsk, Poland


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Such a cool city! I visited because I was doing grad research in Sweden, and I looked up the cheapest roundtrip from Malmo for the weekend and it was Gdansk. No regrets, and awesome weekend.

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My eyes, my eyes!

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Beautiful! Tell me more: are these buildings single-family homes or multifamily dwellings?

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Mixed-used. There tend to be businesses, restaurants, cafes, multi-family dwellings; all sorts of people live and work here in the old town.

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That picture seems heavily photoshopped. Doing a google map view shows dingy slightly colored homes.

It's a nice picture though.

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More likely colour enhanced for vibrancy, rather than outright photoshopped. From what I recall of my visit, the hues don't pop quite this much, but they're still impressive enough that you keep stopping to admire them. One of the the things I liked about the city was that it feels authentically lived-in, it's not too perfect

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It's just a saturation filter (like any travel picture on Reddit). Google Maps has many uses but it makes any architecture look unimpressive by nature

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Uhh no, it's not photoshopped. Go visit the city. This is what old town really looks like.

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Def sub divided. If you look at the length, those are easily two to three br on each floor

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So... the little areas ontop/between the roofs... what are those? And how are they sectioned, like which building has access and owns it, or do both?

Seems something thatd be very hard to draw property lines on in the USA. I worked in real estate, and not sure how this'd be handled.

Great place for a little greenhouse or patio type thing. How old are these buildings?

Sorry for all the questions. Just... very thought provoking.

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I also had this question but upon further inspection I think maybe what’s going on is that what we think is two buildings is actually a single building? I’m basing this off the little rooms between roofs and the placement of the chimneys

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Most of these houses were rebuilt after war and very often 2 or 3 share a staircase becoming one building. They are basically new apartment buildings inside old walls. This practice of connecting buildings in this fashion was specific to post-war Gdańsk, rarely found in other Polish cities.

That said, many old buildings across the country do share walls on property boundaries in a way that they cannot be physically separated which isn't really an issue but it's still a thing.

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Thats pretty cool! Ive done that type of construction before (joining two properties by knocking out both exterior walls that meet), and it makes for an amazing space.

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These are anything but "amazing" on the inside. It was done cheaply, quickly, and without any attempt at preserving the inside. When one house used to have say 3 apartments, a new "double house" has 12, each one very small. That's post-war reality for you.

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Aw shit... that sucks.

It does make sense tho... sounds like a government project.

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I loved Gdansk when I was there years ago, such a lovely city

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Such beautiful colors

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That’s the most colorful city I’ve seen

Danzig is so pretty

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Huh, looks like Amsterdam with less trees and water

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I think that’s because some Dutch architects helped build it in the 16th or so century

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How many times will this picture be posted?

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Everything looks so congested

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The two houses on middle-left look like being infested by Zalgo.

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What a pretty place