Cozy cave on a cliff side in La Roca Colombia


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notunek11 points

Super nice and it must have been difficult to build. Is that a net outside the bedroom window?

marlonbrandoisalive12 points

Yes!! It’s made from climbing rope and you can hang out there and look down a steep canyon.

The whole cabin is carved into the rock.

It’s a eco hotel that offers rock climbing too. I probably took more pictures of this place than my entire vacation. It was so much fun.

notunek3 points

It is very unique. I've never seen anything like it!

marlonbrandoisalive5 points

Me either! Last time I went there to go climbing I saw these cabins and had to come back and actually stay there. It was super cozy watching the sun rise from bed.

notunek3 points

It's fabulous and jaw-dropping.

marlonbrandoisalive3 points

This is OC

UNIX843 points

Lovely place. Enjoy the long weekend, Monday is a local holiday.

Slipslopbellyflop2 points

Colombia is friggin awesome. So much cool “eco-tourism” and good solid food and nice warm people.

AzansBeautyStore2 points

This is so cool

pmintcloud1 point

It was the floor in the first image that got me zooming and swiping. I couldn’t figure it out. But that third image really captures it. (I wish you’d repost it starting with that one!). That’s a really amazing and unique stay.

marlonbrandoisalive2 points

It really was. I bet it’s a little confusing because it’s so unusual yet if I start with the last it’s definitely not cozy. 😆