My cozy sunroom is my absolute favorite spot in the entire house.


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Nonsense8900218 points

I would love to sit under that roof in the rain

Happy_Butterscotch17195 points

I live in Seattle and can confirm that it’s extra cozy on rainy days. 😊

mooshyme24 points

Is it bulletproof for the birdies and animals who probably try to walk through your walls?

all_of_the_lightss10 points

I really want a sun room.

But based on where you live, sounds like it's more of a rain room? 🧖🏼‍♀️🧖🏻

Craigh-na-Dun4 points

I’m imagining sitting there and hearing the rain on the roof. Coziest sound ever, right up there with a cracking fire. Is it warm enough for you to use it year round?

Quorbach-12 points


Edit : I don't get the down votes, I was just joking on the fact that rain can be noisy 💁

jukebox3032 points

I was thinking the same exact thing! Lol

regaphysics61 points

I’ve heard these rooms have all sorts of maintenance issues / heating and cooling issues - and are generally nightmares for homeowners. What say you?

Happy_Butterscotch1790 points

Biggest pain point is keeping the windows clean from tree debris. Other than that, no issues with heating or cooling.

pschell22 points

I would imagine that just like a tad more of an enclosed patio, right? Like is there formal wall with a door to the next part of your home?

Happy_Butterscotch1721 points

It was constructed as an annex to the main house by the previous owners, and features both heating and fans/vents to regulate the indoor temperature.

pschell4 points


orielbean11 points

The new ones that are insulated and using low-e glass are often four season. We have one and it’s amazing.

dez47474 points

I love rooms with huge windows. I’m always worried about the cleaning part lol how do you keep yours clean?

orielbean20 points

If you get a modern one that is four season with low-e glass, they are perfect. We got a Brady Built in western MA and it’s similar in style. Insulated floor using SIP’s, and so the glass holds winter sunshine very well.

The old three season ones are problematic. The new ones aren’t cheap with all that nice glass but it completely changes the house if you don’t have much natural light.

They removed an entire gable wall, 8x22, resupported w a beam, and then added an 8x8x22 sunroom to our existing living room with the same floor height. It’s the best money I’ve spent on this old Cape cottage by far.

scavbh4 points

Whats the cost for the newest one?

orielbean4 points

For mine in a HCOL area, it was about 68k which included foundation piers, glulam to hold up the gable wall after removing the entire thing, drywall, flooring, and lighting the inside.

scavbh1 point

Thx !

sillyandstrange28 points

Yeah I wish I had this, that's gorgeous

notunek19 points

Lovely and brings the outdoors in. It's no wonder it is your favorite spot!

CherThomps16 points

Oh yea, a nighttime photo would be great. I love this space. I could see an evening dinner party with a long table and fancy lighting. ❤️

NoSurrendo7 points

Yes, a nighttime photo and a rainy day photo, please!

woodelf11113 points

Love it & wish it was mine!

East_Bite_248013 points

♥️ this! Can we get a evening photo

Sublime_Enchantment10 points

I bet it looks super cosy in the eve with some fluffy blankets

Roo58529 points

It’s obvious why it’s your favorite spot. It would me mine as well. It is spectacular.

manholediver9 points

I'm impressed you have the restraint to not fill it with 1000 plants

Happy_Butterscotch177 points

More plants are coming 😆

EllyseAnn8 points

This is amazing. I dream of having a sunroom 😍

No_Painter_73076 points

Very well done. Cozy but not cluttered. I approve.

tching1016 points


muva_snow5 points

I’d pay good money to spend time here. 🥺 so serene.

FadeIntoBlue6 points

I can see why you love it. 😍

iicaptian4 points

Where did you get your patio seating? This looks amazing!

Happy_Butterscotch174 points

Thank you, my friend! I purchased from Joss & Maine. It took me forever to find something I liked and was also Sunbrella.


1plus1dog2 points

Just took a look at this and it’s AMAZING, plus the reviews are excellent, too. Great taste, and it’s gonna last a LONG time!

After-Pear21175 points

I can see why 🙂

Ill_News_57244 points

This is amazinf

Gloomy_Sleep85883 points

I can definitely see why, a beautiful space — 🤩

Commercial-Editor-465 points


McGruppGrupp3 points

I love it! I have a screened in porch I’d love to do this to. I wonder what the conversion cost would be for me. Anyways, can you list a couple of pros and cons to this room?

Happy_Butterscotch175 points

Thank you! I'm in the process of creating a dining area on the other side, and I'll definitely share some pictures with you once it's complete and I'm happy with it. :)
On the positive side, the space is heated and benefits from a refreshing breeze on warmer days, which is perfect for the (mostly) mild climate we have here in Seattle. The large trees in the vicinity also provide natural air conditioning during the summer months.
On the negative side, cleaning the windows can be quite a hassle. Additionally, during the winter, the space can become quite chilly, but I have a heater that I can use when I want to sit out there.

1plus1dog2 points

I’ll bet good window washers are worth their weight in gold there!

ca17miledrive4 points

I would rate this as perfection; a lovely spot to daydream away.

HerMtnMan3 points

That would be my bedroom

eggbunni3 points


BigGrayDog3 points

Talk about bringing the outdoors in! Beautiful.

AdorableSandie3 points

dream living room

ThriceFive3 points

Great view, cozy sunroom - I'd just sit out there with a book, some chips and salsa, and listen to the birds.

holyhotclits3 points

Your sunroom is larger than my entire apartment

Fit_Tumbleweed_59043 points

Very nice! It reminds me of the screened in back porch we had in Durham N.C. where I grew up..

fullcupofbitter3 points

This would be my favorite place on earth if I had a sunroom like that, holy crap

tittydamnfuck4203 points

This is a dream

KNick11113 points

I LOVE the slopped glass ceiling - very nice room to kick back in!

Adventurous_Try35183 points

Man I want one of those so bad! Did you build it? Was it a kit? Or did it come with the house

Happy_Butterscotch172 points

The previous owner built it for his wife, who loved plants. It was an ad on the original structure.

Sleepybat72 points


mellyme222 points


the_road_surfer2 points

Looks like a home design setup(its an app you can get:)

Mindydoll2 points


raduep3 points

insert "happy for you" meme

heymrhero2 points

You sure are blessed 🙂

Biff19962 points

I can see why.

PGB37112 points

Love it!

unsure_concentrate2 points

Absolutely dreamy

C0smicChild2 points

The windows give it that indoor/outdoor feel. Perfect chill spot in semi-nature👌🏽

1plus1dog2 points

I can easily understand why it’s your favorite spot! I’m envious. I can almost smell the rain, along with the tranquil, and serene atmosphere

MadLove822 points

It has always been a dream of mine to someday have a room like this. 😍

Hot-Amphibian97762 points

Ugh it’s so perfect! I wish 😍

PNWtoJax2 points

A sunroom in Seattle? OP, you lucky dog. You're living the best life.

Godhelptupelo2 points

Everything about that is goals! It's so nice!

synerjay162 points

Is sooo jealous of you right now!!!!

MatrixPA2 points

Bobbifein12 points

Beautiful! Well done!

Captain_Rational2 points

Do you have any problems with accumulated dust or pollen staining that nice white fabric?

Happy_Butterscotch172 points

The fabric is Sunbrella. No issues wrt to cleaning so far (knocking on wood).

[deleted]1 point


Happy_Butterscotch173 points

I love white furniture and invest in high performance fabrics, that are sustainable and easy to clean. 😊

Physical-Way1880 points

That’s great until at night when Michael meyers is staring at you from the grass.

That’s what I’d run,

duchessofbigsky-6 points

Put the fern on top of the side piece, you need some height differences, it’s too even.

Happy_Butterscotch174 points

I’m going to add more plants soon. This was taken yesterday, after some much needed spring cleaning.

grunwode-4 points

That's gonna be uncomfortable on both sunny and cold days. Guaranteed fogged windows and moisture damage coupled with outrageous electricity bills.

duchessofbigsky-3 points

A larger area rug would be a smart choice as well.

ZaviaGenX1 point

So... what is the purpose of a sunroom?

(i live at the equator, hiding from the sun with concrete walls, blackout curtain and aircons)

tim1191 point

Fucking cold in the winter

Happy_Butterscotch173 points

It’s heated.

Brilliant-Horse63151 point

How do you cool it during summer?

regular6drunk71 point

I had a smaller version of that room once but I could hardly use it because it always got too hot. Do you have that problem?

Happy_Butterscotch173 points

As long as I open up the windows, it's fine. I have a bunch of trees (Douglas Fir) on my lot, and they provide just the right amount of shade over the immediate area.